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  2. What equipment do I need for a home gym?
  3. How much does it cost to build a gym at home?
  4. Is it effective to workout at home?
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Have you got an expensive gym membership and:

  1. Never go; or
  2. Are too shy to go; or
  3. Find it too busy/intimidating; or
  4. Get annoyed when you do go; or
  5. Travel takes too much time out the day!


With the old world gone and a new world rising.
Out of the gym into the kettlebell.


Gym at home

The Kettlebell
Your gym at home

Grab a kettlebell and terminate your gym membership.
Get digital, train online and join 10,000 others just like you.

You can train with them at home, in the outdoors, lug them on treks or scaling mountains, take them to the beach, and you can even train with them in the gym.

“I haven’t had a gym membership in a few years. Every time I bought one, I ended up using it once a month. I find having home gym much more useful and convenient especially with having 2 toddlers.”

Beverley Herd

“Haven’t had a gym membership since 2006. One of my kettlebells lives in my car and calisthenics lives in each of us.“

Michael Caesar Lao

“Every morning I am outside with the sun rising, my headphones in and my Kettlebells and jump rope out. Oh and barefoot too!”

Jay Watson

“Purchasing a few kettlebells for home use was one of the smartest decisions I ever made.”

Lyndon Green



What equipment do I need for a home gym?

The bare minimum equipment for a home gym is literally your body and a kettlebell. In our group of over 10,000 members, there are many who only own one kettlebell and mix their training up with calisthenics (using your own body weight). So, you can get away with purchasing just one kettlebell. Try it out, buying a kettlebell starter package and a kettlebell will be cheaper than buying a gym membership and you have so much more to gain.

If you want to take it a step further then you buy two kettlebells, either of the same weight or one being heavier. You use the lighter one for cardio and the heavier for slower heavier lifts. But you can even make a lighter kettlebell heavier by going slower or changing up the grip.

You literally can do everything with just one kettlebell, cardio, strength, endurance, flexibility, power, and much more. No need to run on the treadmill, do swings, no need to bench press, do the kettlebell floor press, and the list goes on. Check out the kettlebell starter package.


How much does it cost to build a gym at home?

The cost of your own gym at home can be as low as the cost of one kettlebell and the information to train safely and effectively with it. Kettlebells start anywhere from $20 depending on what weight you need. If you’re on a budget you might be lucky enough to snatch up a second-hand set somewhere. That’s the great thing about kettlebells, they need character, a new shiny kettlebell has no life to it but if you buy a second-hand one it has a story. You’ll find that if you buy a new kettlebell and use it, as it gets scratches and dents you’ll become more attached to it. Check out the kettlebell starter package.


Is it effective to workout at home?

Yes. The generic answer to this question is a CLEAR and big YES. But like anything, how successful in producing a desired or intended result is will entirely depend on you.

How effective working out at home is will depend entirely on how you approach it. If you invest the time to learn the fundamentals correctly and train safely with the right progression then you will reap immense benefits from working out with the kettlebell at home. If you dive straight in thinking that there is no need for some education on what could be the one and only exercise tool you need for the rest of your life, then you might get hurt or experience annoyances like bruising, blisters, back pains, and more, all of which can completely be avoided if you buy our kettlebell starter package which contains everything a beginner needs. Check out the kettlebell starter package.


Gym at-home exercises

With one kettlebell you can literally complete hundreds of different exercise at home in a 2 by 2 meter (80×80 inches) space. The kettlebell exercise encyclopedia has all kettlebell exercises conveniently described in one handy reference. Check out the kettlebell starter package.

Following are a few simple basic and advanced videos of exercises you can do at home, the workouts are done with two kettlebells but can just easily be done with one and switching hands on each set.

4-minute kettlebell Tabata Deadlifts

4-minute kettlebell Tabata Jerks

4-minute kettlebell Tabata clean into squats

4-minute kettlebell Tabata gorilla cleans

Kettlebell starter package

Buy our kettlebell starter package today and start learning how to train safely and effectively with kettlebells right away. There are several starter packages available, there is the basic package for men or women which includes all the manuals you need to start with kettlebell training, two basic workouts, and information how to pick your first kettlebell and recommendations for which kettlebell to go for. The ultimate kettlebell kit includes everything from the basic package plus a kettlebell workout book and an online course to make sure you train correctly. Training with the right form and technique is one of the most important things in any kind of training to make it enjoyable and get results. This package explains how to remove the common annoyances that people who do not invest time into learning about the kettlebell experience.


Get your kettlebell start package today. If you are more advanced then there is also a kettlebell snatch starter package.

Kettlebell Starter Packages

Read more testimonials from people in our 10,000+ member group who quit the gym and got themselves a kettlebell.

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