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How To Burn Fat With Kettlebell Swings: Understanding Work To Rest Ratio

If you’re working out with kettlebells, then you’re probably doing kettlebell swings…. lots of swings.

The Kettlebell Swing sets the foundation for learning more advanced movements and is a simple way to increase your strength and conditioning.

You may have gotten into kettlebells because you want to get stronger, improve your athletic performance, or lose weight. Whatever your goal may be the Kettlebell Swing can help get you there.


Today, I want to talk about how the Hardstyle Kettlebell Swing can be used to help you burn fat.

Studies have shown that interval training is highly effective for weight loss. Alternating between brief periods of intense exercise and rest/relief is an effective way to burn a lot of calories and increase your stamina.

Using the Hardstyle Swing for your intense exercise is a no-brainer because of its effect on your heart rate, a low impact on your joints, and the number of muscle groups it engages. Plus, when done correctly it can alleviate back pain.

Hopefully, I’ve made my case for using this exercise as a great tool to help shed fat (along with a healthy diet of course).

Now, let’s dive into the numbers so you can dial in your workouts and figure out the best combination of reps and rest periods.

In order to create an interval-style kettlebell workout that will promote fat loss, you should try and aim for a 1-to-1 or a 2-to-1 work to rest ratio.

So, let’s assume 10 Swings takes approximately 15 seconds. If you’re using the 1-to-1 work to rest ratio, then you would do 10 Swings and then rest for 15 seconds. You would keep this interval up for as long as you can maintain good form and power.

If you’re more advanced or you have a higher conditioning level, you can use a 2-to-1 work to rest ratio. That could be 20 Swings followed by 15 seconds of rest or 10 Swings followed by 7 seconds of rest.

You can use this Swing interval at the end of a workout for conditioning or have an entire workout dedicated to this type of training. The choice is yours!

If you’re an audio learner or prefer to see a real human explain this, then check out this video I made.


If your goal is to lose fat, here’s how you can use the kettlebell swing to help accomplish that goal. Let me know if this helps.

Posted by Ryan Jankowitz on Wednesday, September 30, 2020

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