Kettlebell Swing Incorrect Technique

Kettlebell Swing Incorrect Form

One major indication of an incorrect kettlebell swing is a drooping kettlebell. The kettlebell is no longer an extension of the arms but droops, i.e. the base of the kettlebell is pointing down rather than forward (away from the body).

Incorrectly Powered Kettlebell Swing

The cause of a drooping kettlebell is an incorrect powering of the movement. The shoulders are used instead of the lower body. The kettlebell is an explosive lower body-powered movement. The kettlebell is pulled out rather than raised via the shoulders. The shoulders should not come into play at all with a kettlebell swing. A shoulder raise with a kettlebell is not a bad exercise, as long as the exercise is a shoulder raise and not a swing.

Correctly Powered Kettlebell Swing

Learn so much more about the kettlebell swing, kettlebell training fundamentals, or beginners’ online kettlebell course. Know that there are many ways to swing a kettlebell correctly, but a shoulder raise is not one of them.

Indications or ramifications of incorrect form, but not limited to, are:

  1. Rounded back
  2. Knees buckling in
  3. Lifting with the back
  4. Shoulder raise (covered above)
  5. Sore back
  6. Blisters
  7. Tendinitis
  8. And so on


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