kettlebell swing

2 arm swing versus 1 arm

1 Arm versus 2 Arm Kettlebell Swing

There is a huge difference between a 1 handed and 2 handed kettlebell swing and your transition from double to single-arm needs to happen with care. There are a few things to take into account and look out for.

kettlebell swing

Beginners: It’s NOT The Kettlebell Swing or Hip Hinge You Should Learn First

During more than a decade of teaching, designing courses, and running workshops, I have covered many different paths to kettlebell training for a beginner. When I first started I regurgitated what I heard. Learn the hip hinge. Learn to swing. As I started thinking more for myself and analyzing, I found that the correct answer …

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Kettlebell Swing Incorrect Technique

Kettlebell Swing Incorrect Form

One major indication of an incorrect kettlebell swing is a drooping kettlebell. The kettlebell is no longer an extension of the arms but droops, i.e. the base of the kettlebell is pointing down rather than forward (away from the body). The cause of a drooping kettlebell is an incorrect powering of the movement. The shoulders …

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Muscles Worked With Kettlebell Swings

Muscles Worked With Kettlebell Swings

I will cover what muscles are used and when during the kettlebell swing, I will provide some information on how to kettlebell swing, how to avoid backaches and injuries with the kettlebell swing, how to warm up for the kettlebell swing, and I will cover a drill I use to teach part of the kettlebell swing.

How to swing a kettlebell correctly?

How to Swing a Kettlebell Correctly?

To answer the question "How to Swing a Kettlebell Correctly?" one first needs to ask "What are your goals?". Without knowing the reason(s) to swing there are literally hundreds of ways that could be correct. So, let's start by listing some of the goals: Overall strength Generic fitness Muscular endurance Cardiovascular endurance Flexibility Better kettlebell snatch …

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Kettlebell Swing—Squat Style

Last week I posed the question “What is wrong with this kettlebell swing?“, this week I will show you what was wrong. If you got the answer right, great! If you were one of the people that wrote a long list of things that were wrong, I don’t blame you, it’s all good, sometimes it takes …

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What Is Wrong with This Kettlebell Swing?

Watch the video above, then comment below what you think is wrong before unlocking the answer and information (more than 800+ words, well worth the read!) below. Alternatively you can follow our Facebook page and we’ll publish the answer there soon.

Femoris Muerto Strength Workout

Femoris Muerto Strength Workout

This awesome Caveman Strength workout comes with a warm-up/mobility routine and consists of 3 exercises, deadlift, swing and turkish getup.

Performance enhancing kettlebells

PEK’s – Performance Enhancing Kettlebells

In CrossFit, we’ve seen the Kettlebell as something to swing overhead and in some cases, pick up and carry to the other side of the room. We certainly get a lot of benefits from these two movements, but Kettlebells do have other purposes & benefits.

Double-arm sportstyle swing

Double Arm Kettlebell Sportstyle Swing

The Kettlebell Sportstyle Swing is always done with one arm, never with two arms like you see used with the swing that most people are used to, the conventional kettlebell swing. There is a very valid reason why Sport Athletes don’t do the sportstyle swing with two arms, and that reason is; it doesn’t transfer to anything in the sport, i.e. Snatch, Clean or Jerk. Every kettlebell exercise used in competition is performed with one arm, hence there is no reason to do the sportstyle swing with two arms.

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