Kettlebell Swing Incorrect Form

Kettlebell Swing Incorrect Form: Bobbing

A major cause for blisters from incorrect kettlebell swings is what we call kettlebell bobbing. Bobbing is the short quick jerky movement often seen at the end of an incorrect backswing. Bobbing causes friction in the hands, which in turn is cause for blisters.


Bobbing is a short abrupt movement that can occur at the end of the backswing when the trajectory is not right.


We cover how to prevent bobbing in our Kettlebell Training Fundamentals and Master The Basic Kettlebell Swing books. Following is a great kettlebell infographic that illustrates the problem.


Unlock the more detailed illustration of how to prevent bobbing of the kettlebell during the kettlebell swing and the video that explains everything.

This illustration demonstrates:

  1. Hip hinge delay
  2. Breaking at the hips
  3. Deeper hinge
  4. Kettlebell insert

Correct Swing Technique

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