Kettlebell Correct Hand Insertion

Correct Kettlebell Hand Insert and Broken Wrist Grip

There is an incorrect way to insert the hand into the window of the kettlebell and there is a correct way. The incorrect way is a huge contributor to some new people to kettlebells giving up. The infographic below demonstrates the incorrect and common way beginners hold the kettlebell.

Incorrect hand insertion

This grip is called the ‘broken wrist grip’ because of the line being broken, i.e. with a good grip and insert, the line/wrist is straight. The broken wrist grip places pressure on the wrist joints. The illustration also demonstrates how the kettlebell is placed on the outside and pulling which puts stress on the deltoid.

The following illustration demonstrates the correct kettlebell grip to implement for the racking position and most overhead kettlebell exercises.


Correct hand insertion

This grip shows a good angle for the handle position within the palm and the weight is placed over the elbow. To learn everything a person needs to know about kettlebell training when they first start, check out our specialized kettlebell book or kettlebell course. Everything you need to know to train safely and effectively with the kettlebell in one place!

We have put together a free ebook with lots of information on kettlebell grips and I highly recommend that any newcomer, and even those who have been training for a long time, download the book which is filled with over 25 kettlebell grips and other useful information.


Resources to get you started with kettlebells:

  1. Kettlebell Training Fundamentals
  2. 21-Days to Kettlebell Training for Beginners
  3. Master The Basic Kettlebell Swing
  4. Kettlebell Complexes Made Simple
  5. Kettlebell Workouts and Challenges 1.0
  6. Online Kettlebell Training Certification

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