Teaching the Kettlebell Swing to a Complete Beginner in 1 Hour

In this video, I coach a complete beginner who has never swung a kettlebell before. I teach Brendan the kettlebell double-arm hip hinge swing within one hour.


I start by asking Brendan if he has ever deadlifted weight with a hip hinge. He wasn’t comfortable with the hip hinge deadlift so I first teach him the hip hinge with bodyweight and then a few reps with a light weight. This is just to get the movement of the hip hinge to stick. I then proceed to explain how the shoulders are not involved in the kettlebell swing as a prime mover.

Some of the common mistakes that a beginner makes with the kettlebell swing are:

To prevent the shoulder raise, I cue more speed (power) from the legs and I explain how a drooping kettlebell is a sign of a shoulder raise. I break the backswing down into three steps, one is to remain in extension and I cue drop drop drop or wait wait wait, two is to hinge, and three is to insert the weight through the leg and direct it to the back. This one covers both the following and bobbing of the kettlebell.

Brendan ended up swinging the kettlebell with a good and safe enough form to continue swinging on his own and work on perfecting the hip hinge swing. It can’t be expected to execute a perfect swing within one day, let alone one hour.


Kettlebell Swing Incorrect Form


The cues, progressions, and techniques are taken from our online product Kettlebell Fundamentals, which is available as a book, video, online course, and online kettlebell certification. If you want to learn the all-important fundamentals of kettlebell training for your own progression or to teach others as a trainer, then you can’t go past the online courses.

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Correct Swing Technique

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Incorrectly Powered Kettlebell Swing


Of course, there are many more cues and corrections that can be provided as all described in kettlebell swing books like The Quick and Concise Kettlebell Swing Guide and Master The Basic Kettlebell Swing.

Correctly Powered Kettlebell Swing


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