200 kettlebell swings a day results

200 Kettlebell Swings a Day Results

Is 200 kettlebell swings a good workout? The quick answer to that is yes and no, it depends. It depends on:

  1. what kind of results are you looking for? (your goals)
  2. are you doing the swings correctly?
  3. have you got the right weight?
  4. what are your sets like?
  5. what else are you doing?
  6. how many days a week do you perform this workout?
  7. what variations of the swing are you using?

The following full-body kettlebell workout includes the kettlebell swing as one of the four kettlebell exercises used.

200 Kettlebell Swings a Day Results

So, what are some of the results one can expect from doing 200 to 300 swings a day? If everything else that’s covered here is met, then one can expect:

  • increased cardiovascular endurance
  • stronger back
  • stronger legs
  • stronger grip
  • increased muscular endurance
    1. grip
    2. upper back
    3. lower back
    4. upper legs
    5. etc.

And more, check out the benefits of kettlebell swings for a more detailed answer.

Is it OK to do kettlebell swings every day?

If you would ask me this question, I’d generally say no! As it implies you would do them 7 days a week, day in and day out. It would also target one main area of the body, the legs (hips and knees). Yes, it’s a full-body workout but the prime movers are those that move the knees and hips, the rest is isometrically contracted or just moves due to the momentum. It’s also very grip intense.

If you have a great varying program and are using the right progression with weight, reps, pacing, recovery, etc. then yes, it’s okay to do kettlebell swings every day. The average time for 100 single-arm kettlebell unbroken swings is 150 seconds, so 200 is about 300 seconds or a bit more. That’s only 5 minutes of work for 200 kettlebell swings, even if you did 300 kettlebell swings, that’s still only 5 to 10 minutes of work. That’s not a lot, so, with the right weight that’s not too taxing on the body. It does become taxing if the weight is heavier than conditioned for, or if the sets are longer than conditioned for, or if the pace is faster than conditioned for, and so on, you get the idea.

Can kettlebell swings transform your body?

Absolutely they can, there is no doubt that with the right progression and programming kettlebell swings can transform your body. You’re burning calories, you’re doing work, you’re getting stronger, and so on, all that contributes to changes in your body. However, you can’t outswing a bad diet.

Detailed answer

Personally, I would mix it up with at least one or two other exercises. If you’re after cardio then add the CrossFit burpee like in the 28-Day Burpee and Swing Challenge. Take a little break, run the challenge again, and then do something else. You can’t maintain that high intensity all the time. You’ll find that you’ll peak and quickly lose it if you don’t maintain it. You won’t go back to where you started but you won’t be at that optimal condition you’re in at the end of the challenge. I was able to complete the 50 burpees and 100 swings in 5:32 unbroken on the last day, but the ability to perform 50 burpees unbroken alone went pretty quickly.

Ok, so that’s cardio, if we also want to also consider strength in normally neglected areas, then I’d definitely add the bent-over row and the strict press.

With the kettlebell swing, you also need to look at what variation you are using. There are different variations of the swing, there is the hip hinge swing (freestyle) which can also be performed Hardstyle, there is the pendulum swing, and there is the squat swing. When it comes to the squat swing, I’ve heard it all, how it can be bad on the shoulders, etc. but that just comes down to lack of knowledge and/or technique. The squat swing is amazing for more intense cardio intervals as it recruits bigger and more muscle groups.

In conclusion, yes, 200 kettlebell swings are a good workout when done right.

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