Overhead Press vs Shoulder Press

Overhead Press vs Shoulder Press

Is a shoulder press the same as an overhead press? The quick answer: Yes it is.

When in a standing position and pressing the kettlebell up, it travels from the racking to the overhead position. When you lay down and press up, the kettlebell travels from the chest or press position to over the chest. The first exercise is a shoulder press and the latter is a chest press.

Both the shoulder and chest press work the shoulders but the chest press puts more emphasis on the chest. The following video is that of the clean and press which is a great combo.


Shoulder Press Variations

There are many shoulder press variations, some of them are:

  • kettlebell front press
  • kettlebell hybrid press
  • kettlebell side press
  • kettlebell push press
  • kettlebell rotational press
  • many more


Strict Shoulder Press

Pressing strict simply means that the only joints that move and muscles used for prime movers are the intended ones. As the name implies, the target muscles for this kettlebell exercise are the shoulders. You can also use assistance from the legs or even the spine to get the weight overhead, this would not be strict. An example would be the push press, or what I like to call the spinal press. The latter is explained in the video below.

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