Get a coach or trainer

Hire a coach! Get a trainer! Don’t be a doofus.

New to the world of kettlebell training, or just new to the whole world of exercise, and working out?

Asking for information to educate yourself?


You’ve been told to:

Hire a coach! Get a trainer!



Of course it’s great advice, depending on:

  • What coaches and trainers you have access to
  • The money you can afford
  • The way you learn

I’m a coach myself, I’d love to tell everyone who asks for free information to hire me, or any other great coach I know. But that’s not how the world works.

If you have access to a good coach or trainer, they can assess you, they can quickly pinpoint your weaknesses, program proper progression etc. BUT…

Here’s what I learned; falling and getting up, teaches me much more, searching and analysing allowed me to create my own style.

So, if you don’t have time, and know exactly what you want, and you want it quickly, HIRE A COACH. If you already know all this, and made a conscious decision to join groups where you can ask questions, learn, and in due time, provide answers yourself, then here are some great groups to join for free. I frequent these groups myself, and am more than willing to help and answer any questions I know the answers to.

If you’re looking for a great coach to hire, here are some great ones:

The list goes on..

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