I need to get fit first.

Excuses to Avoid Working Out—I Just Need to Get FIT First

Throughout my professional fitness career and owning 3 gyms across the world the following statement is probably the most mind-boggling thing I’ve heard! Is it a valid statement?

I’m going to join but I just need to get fit first.

That person who never starts

Some people use it as an excuse to keep from doing what they know is going to improve their life but know will be hard and then rather take the easy way out.

Some people are actually serious when they say the words. They believe that they need to get fit first before they can participate in workouts. And I can’t blame them. Most programs or workout memberships are cookie-cutter products and throw their clients in the deep end. In this case, it is better to lay a foundation and get fitter before joining workouts that were designed for a generic group of people.

However, there are also professional online kettlebell services and workouts that are designed with information that allows the user to modify the workouts and provides progressions so that the user can progress safely and step-by-step without injuring themselves.

You know that you get your money’s worth and that you can jump straight in when the service includes:

  1. Information in ebook and video format that covers the fundamentals
  2. Technique videos
  3. Common mistakes videos
  4. Alternatives and progressions videos
  5. Programming information
  6. Warm-ups
  7. Cooldowns
  8. Personalized coaching from a qualified coach
  9. And more…

In some cases, they never seem to get fit enough. 1, 2, 3, 4 months, how many months do you need to get fit and when is fit enough? Do your research, read the reviews, and jump in the deep end today with a group of people that will pull you out of the deep and help you swim.

No matter how unfit you are, you are always fit enough to join. The question is, do you have the desire to really commit? No matter how much motivation and accountability we can provide, if you’re not truly committed then nothing will ever change.

Of course, I am talking about our online memberships, but all this applies to going to your local gym as well. Whatever path you chose, don’t delay your health and well-being by another day.

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