I need to get fit first

I Just Need to Get FIT First


Throughout my professional fitness career the following sentence is probably the most annoying thing I’ve heard, it’s mind boggling.


I’m going to join, I just need to get fit first.


I need to get fit first


Why does it bother me so much? There could be several reasons, one of them is because for some people it’s an excuse to do nothing about their current state of fitness, but that’s probably the least annoying reason. It becomes the most annoying when they’re actually serious. I mean come on, why do you think personal trainers study? But to tell you the truth, I also understand it in some cases, as there are those personal trainers who do not know how to progress their clients step by step and build them up brick by brick. I give them that.

If you’re working with a good trainer/coach then you should trust them to assess you, see what your current state of fitness is, what your weaknesses are, what your goals are and then work towards them with a plan.


Like and share if you heard it before! “I got to get fit first!”… Your comments below, what annoys you about it? Or have you said it before, in that case, let us know your thinking, let us in and see your reasoning.

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