Anyone can do it! Justin lost 80lbs

“I felt like I had to, because I was afraid of what my future would be like”


About 7 years ago I weighed 250 lbs. I had very little motivation to get in shape, but I felt like I had to, because I was afraid of what my future would be like. So I bought a few popular at home workouts and in 2 years I lost around 80 lbs.


I then struggled to stay excited about working out. The videos were tough to watch after 60 or 90 days of hearing the same lines, and being used to the same workout movements.
So I worked out a few times a week, but over the next few years, I slowly gained weight again.

Now I’m a 42-year-old dad of 3. About 2 months ago I weighed myself and saw that over 3 years I gained back 30 pounds. And my kids were going to have that lazy dad who hardly interacts in any activities with them! Wasn’t going to happen…

I started looking for efficient workouts around the web, and 9 times out of 10 kettlebell workouts showed up. Then I stumbled upon Cavemantraining, read some articles, looked at some of the workouts, and immediately thought they were too tough, especially when it’s recommended to swing a 35-pound kettlebell. But I knew I didn’t want to be overweight. The solution was to take Taco’s videos and breaking them down into smaller pieces. If a workout had 5 movements, I would do 30 seconds on, and 30-second breaks. Over the course of the last 6 weeks or so I’ve been able to see a huge difference in myself. First, I’m excited to get up and workout. Second, my endurance has increased significantly, I’ve gone from doing 30-second intervals to being able to do swings and snatches for 2 1/2 minutes at a time. Third, I’m down to 184 pounds, I’ve lost about 2 inches from my waist and an inch off my chest. And I am seeing definition around my shoulders, pecs, and traps.

Right now I struggle to be able to officially score my workouts, but I feel like I’m doing great because I’ve proved to myself that my middle-aged body can still complete many of the same workouts that some 20-year-olds would struggle to complete.


You too can start today, buy the book.

Hey thanks again. I honestly thought the bell would just sit in the closet after a few workouts but your videos make it addicting. And when people ask what I do they can’t believe I swing 35 lbs in just about every move.

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