46 Yrs, Kettlebells and How I Lost 20kg

Hey, my name is Chris, I’m from Germany and 46 years of age. I was a sporty guy during my younger years, always outside on my bike or roller blades, I even worked out with some dumbbells I bought back then.


“At one stage I nearly hit 100 kg, which was shocking to me.”



Then I got a job where I had to sit down most of the time, and to no ones surprise, I put on weight. It became even worse when I got a 12 hour shift, where I had to sit 80% of the time. I gained more and more weight over the years. I worked out here and there, but it usually lasted just a few months. Always with the same tools and doing the same boring things with dumbbells, barbell, rowing machine and other items I bought over the years.


“I was breathing like I was going to die soon”



At one stage I nearly hit 100 kg, which was shocking to me. I swore to myself I would never ever get over 100 kilograms. I also had other problems, like simply bending over to put my shoes on, and I was breathing like I was going to die soon.


I started working out again, checked some Youtube videos for fat loss, and found some HIT workouts, which helped a bit. Then I came across kettlebell videos, and I was like “okay lets buy a Kettlebell!”. I started doing some kettlebell swings combined with my conventional weight workouts. One day I found Cavementraining with Taco Fleur who explained how to work with kettlebells, this was the changing point in my training, realising that there is way more you can do with a kettlebell, and how different it is to normal weight training. I watched several videos and tried to copy the exercises. I also changed my eating habits over the last 2 years. I eat less and less sugar, more vegetables and less bad carbs. I needed some time, but I can say that I lost nearly 20kg in 1 year. I also did a low carb diet, and at the end of that I was at 79 kg. Now I’m around 82 kg and feeling pretty good.

Squat thruster and full snatch

Workmates and friends asked me what I’ve done, and I always proudly tell them about my kettlebell and why I think it’s ideal for losing weight. I show them things that I can do, like a deep squat and other cool stuff—showing off a bit. I can move, squat, run, and jump much easier than before, because my mobility has increased so much. My results were good enough to convince a workmate, my wife, and my mother to also get a kettlebell. I acted like a trainer and loved showing them how to workout with a kettlebell.


This is the longest time I’ve been working out continuously, almost 2 years now. I will never get back to 100kg since I also changed my eating habits. I cook now, and I love trying out new recipes.

I hope my story will motivate other people, which is why I started my Youtube channel. It’s possible to loose weight, and it’s not too difficult! Just change your eating habits, and workout, which will cost you some sweat… but also body fat.

For the future, I wish to remain fit, and remain mobile while getting older. Age is not an excuse for not working out. What’s your excuse for not starting today? Like and share to help others.

Christian Eckardt

You can check out Christian’s channel here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqaHjOrE-pqH9DIlACv58Wg/videos.

A great book to get started with kettlebell training can be found here. For those who can’t afford it, but it would save their life, make contact and we’ll provide a free copy of the book.


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