Should You Use a Mirror When Training Kettlebells? Gym-goers Are Nothing But Mirror Posers!

selfieWhen you see them in the gym, they do nothing but stand there and admire themselves in the mirror to see how good they look, they would be completely lost without a mirror in the gym… NOT!

[written with jest] Well, NOT on the part where gym-goers do nothing but admire themselves. Sure, there are some posers who just can’t get enough of themselves, you can pick them out in no time, they got the latest flashiest gear on, no drop of sweat on their body to be found, iPod in their pocket, bright-colored earphones, juice needle hanging from their biceps and a selfie stick glued to their hand.

Mirror poser

Newsflash! In general, that mirror is there for people to check their form and technique while exercising, to avoid injury, and work the correct muscles from the right angle.

You see, if each person has a personal trainer then they don’t need the mirror, but in this case, the mirror is their personal trainer.

For example. When you’re performing exercises you can’t always see the angle at which you press, the neutral position of your back, or any other important factors like pulling down the shoulders, chest out, etc. You need a mirror to check up on that.

So for those of you that think that we’re all POSERS for looking in the mirror while exercising, stop being so closed-minded!

Whoa, calm down, I was just kidding. I totally understand where you’re coming from, and before I started getting serious about my training I thought the same. There are still plenty of people out there who think like this, purely because no one has told them what the mirrors are for, and they simply don’t know how to use them. Us ‘mirror users’ forgive you, and I wrote this to educate you on it.

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Mirror posers

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