You need to slow down a bit, you ain’t 25 anymore!

To all my male kettlebell friends over 50!

You ever get people saying to you

“You need to slow down a bit, you ain’t 25 anymore!”?

Yeah, you’re right I say, I am 52 and it matters not one iota!

As veteran kettlebell athletes, we have highly functional bodies. We are involved in a sport which looks after us very well from a cardiovascular and muscular endurance standpoint.

  • We are physically and mentally strong.
  • We are determined, persistent and patient.
  • We are demanding of ourselves and expect the very best.
  • We are always looking for that next PR regardless of age.
  • We are never looking back and always looking forward to the next triumph.
  • We are the inspiration to the youngsters that follow in our footsteps.
  • We are always gracious and take defeat with dignity
  • We are older but wiser, able to teach, able to listen, able to inspire.
  • We are, quite simply, ageless.

Del Wilson

Photo credit: Jason Huckle

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