10+ Tips For Kettlebell Jerks

Kettlebell Jerks are awesome! It’s a full body exercise and depending on how many you do unbroken it will even have a great cardio effect.

Jerks are great on their own, but combine them with the clean, and you have an exercise that taxes maximum muscles. In this video I will provide some tips to improve your Kettlebell Jerk.

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Due to it’s unilateral qualities, the kettlebell is harder to Jerk than the Barbell. Also note that there are several different ways to come under the kettlebell, normal dip, split or squat.

Watch the video above to get the tips. Download the FREE PDF on racking which also includes information on hip extension. I also recommend the Kettlebell Grip PDF which demonstrates the racking safety grip employed in the video. I also use stacking grip.

WORKOUT 2018.1

If you want a great but super tough workout to go with this, try WORKOUT 18.1

  • 20 x Double Kettlebell Jerk (50% 1RM)
  • 10 x Deadlift Squat Style (same weight)
  • 10 x Deadlift Sumo Squat (same weight)
  • 10 x Chest Push-ups

8 rounds FOR TIME

Note: if you break the set of Jerks it’s two front squats before you continue your set of 20.

*I named it Workout 2018.1 because kettlebell exercises will be included in the CrossFit opens in 2018, mark my words.

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