Why Are Kettlebells Epic for You?


Kettlebells are epic because one incredible versatile tool allows you to do anything you can image when it comes to training—anything if you have the knowledge. You can challenge any muscle, any angle, any energy system just with one tool. Kettlebells are EPIC!

~ Taco Fleur


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What others say…

Valerie PawlowskiKettlebell training allows the most significant results in the shortest time for entire strength in an efficient workout. Invigorating not debilitating and reduces likelihood of injury with a great rehabilitative effect. I’ve found everything and more through training and competition with Kettlebells. Unequivocally the best training of my life at 53 years of age. Valerie Pawlowski (world champion kettlebell lifting)


They are the most versatile tool you can have based on goals. For me specifically, swings, cleans, and snatches have helped to rehab a lower back injury, get ups, windmills, and strict press have helped remobilize and rehab a shoulder injury that occurred while lifting 10 years ago, all of my joints are far more mobile, and I have learned how to properly create tension for bigger lifts. Mark Allen Moore


Jeff BottKettlebells allow me to work on everything! Strength, mobility, endurance, stability, etc. AND the enjoyment factor is practically limitless if you like to be creative. It also allows a much easier tool to “bail” on if/when your creativity gets ahead of your ability. Lol. Jeff Bott



Regular gym bores me. Chest, back..,no thanks. Found kettlebells in the early 2000’s doing MMA and have never looked back. Allows me to challenge my whole body everyday to lose fat, build muscle and work on ‘cardio’ in 30 minutes in my front yard. Also never feel like I’m overtraining since I don’t have to train a muscle to failure to get a great workout. Plus you look like a badass doing snatches in your front yard! Jason Eddy


Darren John CookWhy are Kettlebells epic for me? My response is quite simplistic really: Because no training regime or program thus far, has made me feel so positive – both physically and mentally.

The gains I have made in both personal fitness and ‘mental toughness’ are way beyond my initial expectations.Taco and Anna have introduced me to a piece of equipment that has revolutionised the way I train and my approach to training. It’s versatility allows me to focus on not just improving my strength but increasing my flexibility and endurance.

After tearing both of my rotator cuffs, I feared that I would never regain full range of motion in my shoulders and whilst using conventional weights (dumbbells/barbells, etc) I continued to experience discomfort – even pain.

So, I began training with Kettlebells and to be honest, before my first class with Taco, I wasn’t even sure if it was right for me…………..6 months later – my adrenaline starts to pump even before I leave the house!! As I head to the session, I look forward to meeting up with likeminded individuals who’s sole intention is train hard and train safe. I am pushing myself further than I ever thought I could, because, I am 100% confident in my teachers and I am in an environment where I feel completely safe to do so.

So, as I sit here writing this on s Saturday afternoon, I’m already getting excited about tomorrow mornings session!! Darren John Cook


I like that kettlebell exercises are not linear movements, the linear movements of conventional training seem to injure my joints more as i age. since i have found KB i have not injured myself while working out. i still use barbells and dumbbells, but strictly for light rep strength training. Paul Molter


functional movements, you can take them most places…….THAT KB SWING IS STRAIGHT FROM HEAVEN………… I follow a Paleo Diet and your channel Caveman Training…. It speaks to how I feel and why I love them.. They take me back to the beginning of time when real men and women were formed… joe p


They’re versatile. A person can combine has many movements has they want to create a kettlebell complex that will challenge the entire body or just stick to the basics for a quick cardio blast. MrTrenttness


So if you’re still wondering: Why are kettlebells good?; Why are kettlebells popular?; Why are kettlebells so effective? Are kettlebells safe?; Are kettlebells worth it?; And the above did not answer your questions, then let the list below do the talking…

  • Versatility
  • Mobility
  • Agility
  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Cardio
  • Coordination
  • Power
  • Fun
  • Endurance
  • Full-body
  • Complexes
  • Rotational
  • Unilateral
  • Functional
  • Cool
  • Multi-plane
  • Ballistic
  • Isometrics
  • Busts fat
  • Saves lives

Do you know any other exercise tool this versatile?


But what are the cons?

Of course, where there are pros there are cons, but not many. One could say that kettlebells are expensive, but how much more are they than dumbbells or barbells? In comparison the value of a kettlebell is so much higher that the cost is well worth it.

Kettlebell trainers are not cheap, that’s if you’re dealing with real qualified trainers, not the run of the mill kettlebell cowboys that give kettlebell training a bad name, you can get those a dime a dozen. Again, like any good trainer really, it’s well worth it, but especially so when it comes to kettlebell training as there is a whole world that can open up to you.

What are your cons? Post them below.


John CurrieKettlebells has saved my life….yes its that simple.as that.
18 months ago I was a 24 stone mess….now 18 stone kbs competitor…my instructor Ray Wilson has helped me believe in myself and my journey. .. John Currie

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