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Maurizio Tangari​: Victory Loves Preparation and the NEW HydroCore

I moved to San Diego in 2013 after having been an owner of a bed and breakfast in my home town of Vieste in Italy. My wife whom I met in Italy was American and after she became pregnant, we decided that we wanted to give birth in the USA. Our daughter had some heart problems and needed open heart surgery when she was born, it was at this moment that I realised that I needed to sell my bed and breakfast and move to San Diego permanently. As a foreigner in a new country with no job, I realised that being a personal trainer was the best thing I could do for myself and our family. My daughter is my hero and she inspires me everyday, gives me strength and energy. She definitely gave me a more positive way to look in life. Amazing how in just 24 hours after surgery she asked to stand up and walk, she definitely taught me a big lesson.


Name: Maurizio Tangari
Age: 48
Speciality: Strength & Conditioning, Unconventional Training
Nationality: Italian
Weight: 197
Height: 6

Translated: Victory Loves Preparation

BBS Bulgarian Bag Specialist, Girevoy Sport Instructor, Strength & Conditioning Instructor, Tactical Fitness instructor, Clubbell Instructor, TRX Instructor, Onnit Durability Certification, Onnit Kettlebell certification, BJJ white belt, BJJ World Champion Andre Galvao S&C Personal trainer, BJJ Pan American Champion Clark Gracie S&C PT, MMA Fighter Thierry Sokoudjou S&C PT, Undefeated Boxing Champion Antonio Orozco S&C PT.


Unconventional training

What got you into unconventional training?

At a young age I started competing in professional windsurfing and then began to kite surf professionally as well. My friends and I started developing kite surfing videos and other educational programs, but a shoulder injury sidelined me and I had to stop competing. With doctors telling me I needed surgery and that my kite surfing days were over, I started looking for other possible rehabilitation methods in lieu of surgery. That is when I came across an old video with a Russian guy performing the Turkish Get-up with a kettlebell. The following day I ordered some kettlebells and started practicing. Using the Turkish Get-up I started noticing that my shoulder had improved dramatically, I was able to lift more weight and extend it upwards completely; within three months the pain was completely gone! That is why I started doing research on more dynamic multi-plane exercises. I started using the Bulgarian Bag, Clubbell, Macebell, and that is when I started also to incorporate a full body calisthenics workout into my routine. Personal training was never something I intended to do, but eventually I started this workout group called the “House of Pain” which was a fully organised unconventional workout on the beach Vieste, my hometown in south Italy.

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Do you Jiu jitsu?

I got involved in BJJ cause when I arrived in California at a beach BBQ I was introduced to PanAm world champion Clark Gracie, I invited him for a workout using my unconventional methods and he loved it! He asked me to train him on a regular basis. I realised that in order to have better understanding of the biomechanics involved in BJJ movements I had to get “choked” and I had to go on the mat. After Clark Gracie I had also the great honor to introduce my methods to BJJ world champion Andre Galvao and UFC fighters like Thierry Sokoudjou and Boxing champion Antonio Orozco. Now MMA training is part of my training routine and I really enjoy that type of training.



“Age is just a number” your thoughts?

Sure, Age is just a number, but the gym is not a time machine also.

Age is a number if you seriously take care of yourself. You must commit on healthy lifestyle, not just eating right, but also performing a good mobility program on regular basis and seriously kick your ass each time you workout! Every summer I go back to my home town in Italy and it’s so sad for me to see old friends of my age looking like crap, everyone with the same excuses… No time, too busy…


What do you eat for performance?

I don’t have a specific diet, Actually I like to eat a lot, hey I’m Italian, “capisci?” I eat clean and healthy, my wife is vegetarian and most of the time I enjoy the meals she prepares, but definitely fish, meats are often in my diet. Sometimes I eat up to 3 avocados a day, I have avocado trees in my backyard 🙂 and oatmeal and nuts everyday.


If you could give only one top performance tip, what would it be?

Stay focused! My motto is a latin quote, which is also a tattoo I have on my right arm, AMAT VICTORIA CURAM, (VICTORY LOVES PREPARATION), if you want to be a winner you have to train for victory! Doesn’t matter if you are getting ready for a kettlebell tournament, for your first date with the girl you want to share your entire life with or for a job interview. Get ready mentally first, stay focused, I learned my lesson so many times.


What are some of the re-occurring issues you encounter?

Very limited hips and shoulder mobility. Also not understanding how Heart Rates are working. I believe a trainer before putting a client in “action” need to bring their client through a serious fitness assessment. To have better understanding of their needs and how to work with them. Unfortunately I don’t see this happen very often.


What is your favourite exercise and why?

Definitely the TGU! During my workshops I have almost 2 hours dedicated to the TGU, I think is amazing how this movement can be so challenging for a lot of people, just learning the technique is so complex. I also like to explain different variations and how to apply the TGU in different type of situations, like self defense, get up from the ground holding a baby or using a weapon or how it can be used by old people to lift themselves up when they fall to the ground.

Here is a youtube tutorial I did when first I moved to US years ago.




Favourite video from your own youtube channel and why?

HydroCore in Rome! from HydroCore on Vimeo.

It was so much fun to present for the very first time my invention HydroCore and use this amazing location in Rome, a place where ancient athletes used to compete against each other. All those statue representing different athletes are so inspiring!



I was working out at my in laws house during xmas vacation and my two nephews  just received a drone as a xmas present, while they were testing the drone they just started recording me working out, without telling me, after few weeks they surprised me with this amazing video. They did an amazing job, also choosing the perfect soundtrack!


What workout on the Cavemantraining channel speaks to you and why?

I spent the last two days watching most of the videos on the Cavemantraining channel, great library! I really enjoyed watching this one.

Not just for the KB movements performed but also for the amazing location! It reminds me a lot my home town in south Italy. Also performing those movement in a very unfamiliar environment is not the same as performing them a gym with solid ground support and air conditioning. I’m always looking forward to challenge myself and my clients and I believe that in order to do so we have to get out of our comfort zone, we get to much confident when we are training always in the same comfortable environment. Please challenge yourself also in different environment, weather, and not just on the amount of loads you can move.


Tell us about HydroCore?

HydroCore is my invention, I have been working on that almost 5 years. HydroCore is a water filled training tool, weight adjustable, grip adjustable and easy transportable. HydroCore Is a new and exciting way to take training to the next level. Water dynamics provide a whole new training stimulus. Its the water motion, a moving mass inside a mass, that’s the key. In fact, studies have demonstrated an increase in muscle fiber recruitment when compared with an equal amount of static weight performing the same number of repetition.

Instead of standing on an unstable surface and manipulating a stable object, by standing on a stable surface and manipulating an unstable object there is greater environmental similarity, it is possible to work instability throughout a full range of motion in routines that engage the entire body.

Inertia means that an object will remain in motion at a constant speed and in a straight line unless acted on by an external force. Inertia also depends on mass. The more mass an object has, the harder it is to move or stop that object. Moving HydroCore not only requires a force to start it moving, but also an equal and opposite force to stop it from moving, or to change the direction of the movement. Most significantly, due to water dynamics, the inherent force of the water, which is also moving, stopping and starting at its own speed, creates a “double” eccentric deceleration. The first deceleration is used to stop the movement of the object itself, the second to keep the object in the desired position or path as the water keeps moving inside the object.

One of the other advantages of HydroCore is the adjustability factor. One piece of equipment can be appropriate for many different strength and fitness levels. All that needs to be done is to increase or decrease easily the amount of water! Shipping costs are also significantly less — since the equipment is sold empty, it’s lighter to ship.

The moment you get your hands on HydroCore it feels more like play than work! The dynamic movement of water is engaging. And, even if you have equipment that is physiologically and biomechanically effective, unless you enjoy using it, it’s just going to sit gathering dust. HydroCore changes the game of functional training and puts the fun back in functional!

Also connected to HydroCore there is a charity project called HydroReach, a nonprofit organization I created in collaboration with Project Reach in San Diego. HydroReach is a slightly modified model of HydroCore, will help people in needs of fresh and clean water providing them a better way to transport water. “I will be happy to explain more about it in another article if you will give me the opportunity “.


What is the Unconventional Republic?

UR is my new project,, the place where all the “unconventional” trainers or simply aficionados can get connected and share experiences. Anyone can submit his profile and submit articles. With UR we are willing to help unconventional warriors to have more exposure and get connected.


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Any hidden passions?

When I’m in Italy I love to build furniture for my house and also create artworks using pieces of woods washed on shore.


What are your goals?

My goal is to be a better person than the day before. I want to be an example for my daughter.


Who would you nominate for Caveman Athlete of the month and why?

Venus Lau. She is amazing with her bodyweight movements, she definitely deserve an article in this magazine. She moves like a sexy panther.


Facebook profile: maurizio tangari
Facebook page: HydroCore
Instagram: @unconventionalrepublic

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