Caveman Athlete

Sergey Rudnev

Sergey Rudnev—Kettlebell Sport

My sporting life began at age 8 (1975) and the first 4 years I was engaged in sports gymnastics. It was a great opportunity to develop my coordination skills, flexibility, strength, and speed. All these skills and physical qualities were needed in my future sports career. My next sport was wrestling from 12 to 21 …

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Michael Lisichkin

Michael Lisichkin Juggler Extraordinaire

Michael is an explorer, an explorer of his capabilities, he likes to test the limits and see how much further he can take his abilities. To some, this might seem crazy, to others, it’s something to strive for, and no matter what side you’re on, try and see the beauty of what humans are capable of.

Kettlebell Kim or Kettlebell Vixen?

No matter what you want to call this super tough vixen of a lady, this months Caveman Athlete Of The Month does things you and I can only dream of. This martial arts lady knows how to swing bells and kick our arses both at the same time.

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