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Over the many years we’ve been steadily growing as an online unconventional fitness community and magazine, and it’s awesome. We’ve hit over 4,128,935 views and 17,593 subscribers on our Youtube channel.

Our website now has a bounce rate of 42% (the lower the better), our monthly pageviews are peaking around 18,000 and still growing. Our Alexa ranking has surpassed several other online unconventional fitness magazines that have been in the game longer than us.

We put in a lot of time to get you awesome articles, workouts, videos, interviews and much more, we never asked for anything. But today is different, show us you like Cavemantraining and help yourself by helping us, the more members we get, the more content we can put out.

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OK, so you’re keen, and you want to help more, great… Here’s how you can help us further:


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