Why are kettlebells good?

Why Are Kettlebells Good? 20+ Reasons From Different People

We asked, why are kettlebells good? Here’s what twenty-six random people said about training with kettlebells.



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1) Only fitness tool I’ve found to provide, power, strength, flexibility, and cardio all in one small compact implement. Bob Salisbury

—same reason I love them and they’re always my default go-to! A side bonus is they look badass and when I use them outside people always want to know what they are. It’s a positive thing anytime someone is curious about fitness. Laura King-Miller


2) For me, the kettlebell is the most useful tool with the most opportunities and you only need 1 to make a great workout. Don’t use machines, become one !! Jaap Westra


Kettlebells work my entire body3) Being a single mom of 3, it’s hard carving out time to work out. KBs are very FLEXIBLE and allow me to complete strengthening and cardio training. Plus, I can take them on the go! I have saved tons of money on gym fees and have found KBs allow me to work my entire body…at home, kids’ soccer practice, or while waiting on my oil change. Doc Donita


4) At 52 I was starting to get joint and tendon troubles with conventional weight training…kettlebell training has reversed this ? Peter Douglas


5) It’s FUN! And truly versatile. I can strength train with heavier KBs then switch & go into a cardio session. Plus the range of mobility is better conditioning for me as a FF/EMT. I’ve enjoyed them so much that I’ve bought a few 4 home use. And looking 2 get certified. Sean Highsmith


Kettlebells build real functional strength

6) I enjoy the creativity and simplicity of training with kettlebells. Kettlebells build real functional strength without causing mobility issues and transform your physique very quickly. Best bang for your buck workout out there! Mario Schunck


7) I love the versatility and portability of them. I can do a whole body workout with just one piece of equipment! Katie Hattley


8) It is the best workout I have found that complements Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Hip strength/mobility and grip strength/endurance are just a couple of benefits of my kettlebell training. The different techniques make it much easier for me to stay focused than using traditional weights. Warren Musselman


9) It’s dynamic resistance training in one item; a whole gym, within one chunk of metal. Karl Kay


10) Versatility. You can train anywhere, anytime and u can hit all facets of fitness, strength, speed, agility, power and endurance, in a very short workout ??? Dali Brahma


11) It’s simply just the best tool for fitness, it gives serious cardiovascular gains without the boredom of the hamster wheel (treadmill). Functional strength without the monotony of isolated reps, and flexibility without long poses (which aren’t necessarily a bad thing). Whilst in the acceleration/deceleration phase of moving the KB, external forces on the body strengthens the connective tissues (tendons, ligaments, cartilage) and increases mobility, strength, and flexibility reducing the possibility of injury. Michael Ajibulu


12) For the creative value. They have their place for amongst my arsenal. As does each tool. Certain responses can’t be achieved without them. But I rely on them more than the rest of the tools in the shed. Scott Hargrove


Kettlebell Monster

13)  I just feel like a monster throwing around a cannonball, I didn’t feel like that with other weights. Scott Luce


14) Kettlebells take up minimal space, they are versatile for cardio, strength and mobility training AND I can incorporate them into my love for long-distance running and Yoga training. Heather Mamachu


15) It is different to work out with a kettlebell. It is not only interesting but requires skill and right techniques. And workouts with kettlebells are a complete body workout. Anne Morris


16) Kettlebell training is the most effective total body workout ever! It provides for aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, doesn’t take up a lot of space and works for people of all ages and fitness levels! Plus it’s fun and you see excellent results! Annie Stiefel


17) Nothing looks more Badass than double bell training. Shaun Keys


18) As a busy family man coupled with running a business, time to train with conviction is precious. The kettlebell being a compact and traditional piece of equipment gives outstanding and exceptional results in building power flexibility and physique in as little as a solid 20 – 30 min workout. Perfect… Kevin Sawyer


19) The kettlebell got me out of the boredom of lifting weights. It’s fun to use and I can incorporate it with so many different workouts. I really enjoy mixing it with trx and it helped with grip strength and balance. Dan Teheran


20) It’s a great way to strength train and get your cardio in. Not going to lie… I feel like a badass when I’m working out. ? Andrea Reyes


21) They are an efficient way to develop multi-functional strength and fitness. Sifu Cliff Alderson


22) I like the versatility of KBs and the challenge of 10min Sport/BOLT routines is good for my 56 yr old self. Tried doing weights again after 3 years of training in KBs and found it boring so now I have fun doing all my workout with just KBs. Brian David Schieber


23) The beauty in simplicity: flesh and iron, nothing more. It brings out the real capacity of the human body, the human spirit, when we strip away the bells and whistles. All the great new fads, strategies, rows upon rows of machines, are an illusion. The iron never lies I’ve heard it said. Watch and see what you become when YOU ARE the machine. When it’s just you and a cannonball with a handle, you get to see what you are actually capable of becoming. Dave Hughes


24) To show that anyone doesn’t matter what size or shape can lift kettlebells ?Saga Wessman


I can build the strength I desire

25) When I got out of the United States Marine Corps I started training as a powerlifter but continued to run a lot for cardio. 15 years later after 2 ACL surgeries, I quit running and continued to powerlift. As you can imagine my cardio went down tremendously. With kettlebells I can build the strength I desire and increase my cardiovascular health with less wear and tear on my body. Ryan Davis


26) I have tried all types of workouts, with various results. I wanted a balance of conditioning and strength, explosiveness and agility. Kettlebell training wasn’t just lifting a bar up and down it was dynamic controlled movements that when finished left me feeling like I have worked my body totally. Joseph D Hawkins


What are the benefits of kettlebells?

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