Kettlebell Windmill

The Kettlebell Windmill is an exercise that provides benefits for the shoulders, thoracic spine, hips, and more. The shoulders and spine benefit from stability, flexibility, and strength. As the weight is overhead, the torso moves down and up the shoulders move through internal and external rotation, all while the muscles need to work to stabilize

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Common Deadlift Mistakes

Common deadlift (squat style) mistakes: 1. Folding forward at the hips without descending into a squat, and rounding the back to try and lift the bar Beginners will tend to simply bend over and try to pick up the bar, without descending into a squat position. This creates a very long “lever” (i.e. the entire

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Kettlebell Training for BJJ + MMA

Kettlebell training is great for BJJ, MMA, and any other sport for that matter, it’s great because ‘when done right’ it can improve so many attributes that you need to be a well-skilled fighter. To name a few benefits of kettlebells for fighters: hand-eye coordination proprioception core strength grip strength cardiovascular endurance muscular endurance balance

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