FIVE UNBROKEN—an endurance workout

Five Unbroken requires one kettlebell, nice and heavy, but just right so you can complete the full five minutes of all 4 tasks.

The rules are:

  • One kettlebell for all four tasks (choose wisely)
  • Unbroken or none of the reps for that tasks count
  • Unbroken means you can’t put the kettlebell down
  • Form and technique first

You need to know how to rack properly, invest time in learning how to rack, as you can only rest in racking or overhead with 3 out of 4 tasks.

The tasks are:

  • 5 minutes of Russian swings
  • 4 minutes rest
  • 5 minutes of half snatch
  • 4 minutes rest
  • 5 minutes of hang clean and strict press (concentric phase)
  • 4 minutes rest
  • 5 minutes jerk

Score your total reps. Post online. Tag @realcavemantraining on Instagram.

The hardest is the first task, as you can’t switch, the Russian swing is with two hands, hence, this is not a beginners workout, completing 5 minutes of unbroken swings requires you to be smart with your grip, grip goes first!

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