Colossus WOD—turn yourself into a steel machine

Colossus WOD is simple, but don’t confuse that with easy.

This WODs main component is the UKC (Ultimate Kettlebell Combo).


Turn yourself into a steel machine



6 minutes of UKC AMRAP

4 minutes of 50 bent-over rows

6 minutes of UKC AMRAP

4 minutes of 40 bent-over rows

6 minutes of UKC AMRAP

Finish with 30 bent-over rows


If you finish your bent-over rows before the end of 4 minutes, use the remainder for rest!

You can’t get much simpler than this, but you also can’t get more effective than this. The Ultimate Kettlebell Combo consists of:

  • Deadlift (squat)
  • Hang clean (squat)
  • Swing clean (hip hinge)
  • Swing (hip hinge)
  • Half snatch (hip hinge)
  • Press (strict)
  • Drop and repeat


Download the PDF with printable workout sheet, movements standards, Rx weights, and more. Completed the workout? Post here. Got question? Post here. Check out the other 600+ kettlebell videos here. Want to improve your kettlebell training? Check out our online courses.


With the bent-over row added, you simply have everything covered for a full body workout that tests everything, cardio, strength, explosiveness, and more.

TIP: Make your bells float with the cleans—do this with your legs—open up the hands, and insert.




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