Trescientos Caveman CompX

Why the Burpee Deadlift Is the Best Deadlift to Do—and Trescientos Workout

Why the burpee deadlift is the best deadlift to do in competitive group format.


The kettlebell burpee squat deadlift is one of my favourite kettlebell combos when it comes to technique, high reps and kettlebell deadlifts in a competitive group format, and here’s why.

  • the burpee breaks up the movement which is great in high reps deadlifting
  • the burpee forces the kettlebell dead on the ground each time
  • the burpee forces control, as uncontrolled and too fast movement with the burpee (plank and kick back) is potential for injury
  • the squat asks the athlete to keep their torso upright, putting emphasis on the legs, which is especially good for newbies and/or high reps as the hip hinge will usually turn into lifting with the back


Fact: Did you know the real burpee is just a plank to standing, no push-up, no jump, no nothing added? Yup, it’s true, go and do your research. The CrossFit Burpee is with tricep push-up and jump. The most common burpee is a jump burpee.


Below is a Caveman CompX Workout which includes 100 Kettlebell Burpee Deadlifts. Caveman CompX stands for Caveman Competitive Exercise (previously known as Caveman WOD).


Trescientos Caveman CompX Workout

It’s three-hundred reps in total, hence the name ‘Trescientos’, 100 double arm swings, 100 double bell jerks and 100 burpee deadlifts (squat style). Check out the workout below, do it yourself and post on this page, our facebook or on youtube. Drop by and say hello, don’t be shy, I like to know the these FREE workouts are put to good use.



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