Extremadura Kettlebell Combo For a Kettlebell Ladder Workout

This combo is the Extremadura kettlebell combo which is a great combo for a kettlebell ladder workout. The kettlebell combo is:

  1. Dead clean
  2. Single-arm swing
  3. Swingclean
  4. Strict press
  5. Dead to the ground

A ladder workout is where you set a number of reps/rounds to reach starting from 1 and once reached you work your way down to 1 again. A quick free tip for you on how to prevent some of the most common kettlebell training injuries. Get your ballistic flight right during the clean, whether dead or swing, and open up, insert, land, and rack. This will avoid tendon issues and ripping of the hands.

A kettlebell ladder usually requires you to keep track with a pen and paper, chalk, writing in sand, or some other form of keeping track of your rounds. In our weekly kettlebell workout for the Caveman Inner Circle, I included a tip on how to count without losing track or having to write things down. A ladder workout is great with kettlebell combos that you repeat for each round of the ladder but you can just as easily mix it up as swings and a bodyweight exercise like the Cobra Cat Push-up.  You would do one single-arm kettlebell swing on one side, repeat on the other, that’s 1, and then one rep of the Cobra Cat Push-up. Next is two single-arm swings on one side, repeat on the other, that’s 2, and then one rep of the push-up variation. Repeat this cycle for up to 8, 10, 12, or more, and work your way down.

Our weekly workouts also break all the techniques down in step-by-step chunks and come with a follow-along workout, warm-up, cooldown, common mistakes, and other videos. Of course, you can get some info by looking at the demo video for this combo and try to replicate the technique, but nothing beats having a qualified kettlebell coach at your hands and receive direct feedback on your form and technique.

If you enjoy kettlebell combo and complexes, you should definitely check out the book and videos Kettlebell Complexes Made Simple, there are so many unique and awesome kettlebell complexes in there that you’ll have something to work out with for years to come. You can learn how to perform a complex from the book and then apply the kettlebell ladder workout format to it. You can also mix up the programming in many ways to progress over a period of time.

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