kettlebell combo

Kettlebell Combo

Intense Kettlebell Combo ALBACOM1

This intense kettlebell combo was designed for one of our weekly online kettlebell workouts. The combo is a dead swing, half snatch, into an overhead reverse lunge, and repeat on the other side. In other words: Dead Backswing Upswing with a hip hinge Backswing Snatch with a hip hinge Keep it overhead Overhead reverse lunge

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Barbarian Kettlebell Combo

The Barbarian Kettlebell Combo

Kettlebell Exercises Squat Dead Curl Hip Hinge Swing Bottoms-up Horn Grip Clean Ribbons Repeat That’s it, that’s all there is to the Barbarian kettlebell combo. It’s an awesome combo that works the full body with some primal movements like the squat, curl, swing, and ribbons (although half halos sound more manly). If you want to

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Steelsurfer Kettlebell Combo

This is the Steelsurfer Kettlebell Combo by Cavemantraining. A burpee, suitcase deadclean, and strict press in one awesome full-body kettlebell combo performed with two kettlebells. This is not a beginners kettlebell combo and best performed with competition style kettlebells due to the wide base. This kettlebell combo is great for strength (press) and power (clean).

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MBG Kettlebell Combo

This kettlebell combo has been named MBG after one of our Caveman Inner Circle members, Matthew Brandon Garner. The combo is a dead swing into triceps push-up. Although it can be performed with lightweight and a slower push-up, this combination is more suited to be performed with heavy weight and explosive. A great kettlebell combo

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Kings combo kettlebell combo

Kings Combo–A kettlebell combo

This kettlebell combo contains all my favorite kettlebell moves in one of the best combos. Kings combo by Cavemantraining. How to perform the Kings Combo: Brings two kettlebells overhead with a dead swing snatch Achieve good rack Reverse lunge Controlled lower on the open side1 Press with the other side1 1) both actions to be

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Ultimate Kettlebell Combo

This is the Ultimate Kettlebell Combo, not to be confused with WBKC—world’s best kettlebell combo… AKA Ultimate Kettlebell Complex The UKC is as following: Deadlift (squat) Hang clean (squat) Swing clean (hip hinge) Swing (hip hinge) Half snatch (hip hinge) Press (strict) Drop and repeat You can program this combo in your workouts, or check

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