Kettlebell Combo for Strength ALBACOM2

Once you start to string kettlebell exercises together with kettlebell combos or complexes it might sometimes become hard to remember what’s next. One cue we provided with this online kettlebell workout was up, up, down, down, up, up, and back.

Clean up. Jerk up. Drop down (into rack). Squat down. Stand up. Press up. Back into the reverse lunge. It’s a different way to make the sequence stick.


We have designed many different and effective kettlebell combos that we program in our weekly online kettlebell workouts. Our kettlebell technique videos include cues like keeping the shoulders above the hips during the lunge, look ahead, gently tap the ground with the back knee, and so on. The combo is:

  • Up: Dead swingclean (a clean with a swing movement)
  • Up: Jerk
  • Down: Drop into rack
  • Down: Squat
  • Up: Stand up
  • Up: Strict press
  • Back: Reverse lunge

And return back to dead in the reverse it came up, i.e. drop into backswing and back to dead.


If the combo still does not stick, a good way to get used to it is by building it up. You start with cleaning it and jerking it up and back down to dead. Then you add another exercise, the squat, and back to dead. You repeat this process until the full kettlebell combo sticks and you flow from one exercise into the next.

Before you start stringing kettlebell exercises together in combos or complexes, you should learn and master the individual kettlebell exercises. At Cavemantraining we have different ways you can learn how to work with kettlebells. There are kettlebell books like the Kettlebell Exercise Encyclopedia and online kettlebell courses or even kettlebell videos. If you are a trainer, we also have CEU approved kettlebell courses.

Also check out the other kettlebell combo we used in our workout, which was more geared towards cardio.

If you have issues with kettlebell exercises, things like blisters, bruising, elbow, or knee pain, come and join our online workout and learning group the Caveman Inner Circle. In our technique videos, we cover how to prevent these issues. For example, in this combo, it’s hardly noticeable and most people will not make this adjustment, but there are several feet/stance adjustments (however slight) to be made to keep the knees safe.


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