The World’s Most Torturous Kettlebell Combo You Actually Want To Do

Kettlebell training is awesome, but there are some kettlebell combos that are just torturous but so good that you’ll do them anyway. You know what I’m talking about, you procrastinate including it in your workout, you hesitate about starting your workout, but you dig in anyway, and while you are working through it you switch from not wanting to do it, to wanting more and entering euphoria.

Without further ado, here’s the most world’s torturous kettlebell combo you actually want to do.

This combo is designed by Cavemantraining and consists of the following kettlebell exercises.

  1. Single-arm swing
  2. Swingclean
  3. Jerk
  4. Half snatch
  5. Hang clean


This torturous combo takes the kettlebell through all planes and different movements, which is why the combination of exercises is so torturous but also super effective. To start:

  1. Clean the kettlebell
  2. Start in racking position
  3. Drop into backswing
  4. Swing
  5. Backswing
  6. Clean it up with a swing movement
  7. Rack it properly for the jerk
  8. Jerk it overhead
  9. Drop into racking
  10. Drop into backswing
  11. Snatch it overhead
  12. Drop into racking
  13. Drop into hang
  14. Hang clean it up
  15. Repeat or switch


Week 110 of our weekly follow-along kettlebell workout library has this combo programmed. In the session, we explain the exact technique, common mistakes, alternatives and progressions, there is also a follow-along warm-up, follow-along workout, and follow-along cooldown. Membership to the Caveman Inner Circle is less than two cups of coffee at Starbucks. For that, you get accountability, motivation, team spirit, personalized coaching, a new weekly workout, and much more.

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Want to step it up a notch? Complete this with two kettlebells.


As always, if you’ve completed this kettlebell combo, post in our community. If you missed the video, it’s here. If you want weekly follow-along online kettlebell workouts, do here. Awesome kettlebell t-shirts can be found in our online shop.


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