Kettlebell Half Snatch Speed Switch For An Awesome Cardio Workout

Who would have thought that the kettlebell half snatch speed switch is one of the best exercises for beginners to get a good cardio workout in?

The kettlebell half snatch is well suited for beginners to start their snatching journey because it removes the full drop from overhead which is really the most complex and injury-prone part of the snatch.


So, why is the half snatch speed switch so great?

It’s great because it allows you to focus on the most powerful part of the exercise, the snatch, rep after rep.

The part where the kettlebell moves from lower to an overhead position in a powerful smooth movement is the snatch. So, dropping the weight from overhead into racking, into the backswing, and snatching it up with a speed switch allows you to focus on just that part, the most powerful part of the exercise. Furthermore, the speed switch allows you to work with two arms but also to alternate each rep which keeps fatigue longer at bay. When you add all this up, you can keep going for longer, hence, great for cardiovascular endurance.

Alternating has its benefits, just like working one side has. Working one side (many reps on one side) is great for muscular endurance, alternating is great for cardiovascular endurance. Alternating allows you to match technique quicker on both sides than working one side does. For example, if my left side plays up, I start alternating with whatever exercise I am doing, and the left will quickly match what the right is doing. Also, if you get the hook grip right, this version is much safer than a normal swingswitch.


Granted, there is some learning to do with the speed switch, and the speed clean is a great way to start with before you attempt the half snatch speed switch, as covered in the video.


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