Perform each exercise for the number of minutes indicated, then rest, and move on to the next exercise, all up this kettlebell workout takes 38 minutes.

Skill Level Intermediate


  • 10 minutes of Clean and Jerk Double Kettlebell
  • 2 minutes rest
  • 8 minutes of Front Squat Double Kettlebell
  • 2 minutes rest
  • 6 minutes of Chest Push-ups
  • 2 minutes rest
  • 4 minutes of Jump Burpees
  • 2 minutes rest
  • 2 minutes of Strict Pull-ups

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Following are the regressions and alternatives you can use when you’re fatigued or just not getting the technique right, for the Clean and Jerk you can use the Push Press, Front Squat to Bodyweight Squat, Chest Push-up to Negative Push-up, Jumping Burpees to Burpees and Strict Pull-ups with Negative Pull-ups.

Free workout
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