The World's Toughest Kettlebell Snatch Test

The World’s Toughest Kettlebell Snatch Test

The world’s toughest kettlebell snatch test is without a doubt the Cavemantraining online kettlebell certification called Master The Kettlebell Snatch L5 Athlete.

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Cavemantraining is the organization behind this online kettlebell course which has been running some of the world’s best online kettlebell education since 2009 and has served over 20,000 online and offline students across the world since then.

Master The Kettlebell Snatch is the work of Taco Fleur who has broken down the snatch and all its variations in a 2 hours long video and other course material via a progressive path that allows literally anyone to start and end up mastering the snatch.

The L5 Athete level is one level before the L6 Coach level, and two before the L7 Master level, but L5 is where it all starts and the levels above that include the L5 tests plus more, so, one could say the L7 Master level is the toughest, but let’s focus on the L5.

Each of the online kettlebell certifications that Cavemantraining provides is super specialized and rather than what most kettlebell courses or certifications do, it focuses on one particular topic/area of the huge world of kettlebell training. Kettlebell training is not just swing, squat, press, and row, those are the fundamentals and that’s where the first certification/course starts, with the Fundamentals. From there it expands with specialized courses on the swing, clean, snatch, press, combos, flows, grinds, sport, and more.

Cavemantraining does not just focus on power or just strength, or just on endurance and strength, it takes the best of all worlds and covers all styles, freestyle, Hardstyle, Sportstyle, juggling, and so on so that the user can pave their own kettlebell journey and switch it up when the time comes. The biggest focus is longevity and this requires a huge focus on fun, creativity, flexibility, mobility, endurance, power, and strength combined.

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What Is The World’s Toughest Kettlebell Snatch Test?

About the world’s toughest kettlebell snatch test, although everything before L5 is focused on a weight selection that suits the student and is picked in discussion with their assessor, the L5 has strict weight requirements for the tests, more on that later. Let’s dive into the test.

Each student of L5 is assessed on:

Skill for each exercise and drill covered in the course, which includes but is not limited to:

  1. Single kettlebell half snatch
  2. Single kettlebell full snatch
  3. Single kettlebell hang snatch
  4. Single kettlebell dead snatch
  5. Double kettlebell half snatch
  6. Double kettlebell full snatch
  7. Double kettlebell hang snatch
  8. Double kettlebell dead snatch

There will be different movements and styles that need to be employed to perform the same exercises, for example, hip hinge, squat, pendulum, Hardstyle, freestyle, etc.

Kettlebell Snatch Physical Test

Knowledge exams will need to be passed, and finally, the physical test, which is a 10-minute full snatch unbroken with only one switch and a minimum of 100 reps to be performed with a 20kg/44lb kettlebell for males and 16kg/35lb for females.

5-minute double kettlebell snatch test to be performed unbroken with 2 × 16kg/35lb kettlebell for males and 2 × 12kg/26lb for females.

The CTCF100 Challenge is to be completed with a 24kg/53lb kettlebell for males, and with a 20kg/44lb for females. The challenge is a total of 200 dead snatches and 100 CrossFit burpees. One dead snatch on each side followed up by a burpee for 100 rounds.

Students over 50 years of age will have the option of using 4kg/9lb less on all tests, and 8kg/18lb less for over 60s.

The student needs to show their hands which need to be free from any blisters, rips, or tears at the end of each test.

Can only trainers or athletes enroll in these courses? No, the L2 requires no tests and the L3 requires the most basic test with a weight suitable for the student. The L2 provides a certificate of participation, L3 and up is a certification, and L1 is study material only.

Read on for in-person/physical certification dates, or to find out whether this is only for super fit athletes, if you want to know more about all the different levels available, or are interested in opportunities at Cavemantraining.

Master The Kettlebell Snatch

Online or In-Person Kettlebell Certification

Anyone can enroll as a student in the online course or certification at any time. The time limit for the L5 is 6 months. For in-person kettlebell certifications, the student has from the day of enrolment until the day of certification to prepare. If a student fails the in-person test, they will have up to 3 months to submit their entries. The in-person certifications are available across the world:

  • San José, Costa Rica
    Aug 2023
  • Athens, Greece
    Oct 2023
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Nov 2023
  • Marbella, Spain
    Feb 2024
  • Lisbon, Portugal
    Feb 2024
  • Brisbane, Australia
    Feb 2024
  • London, England
    Mar 2024
  • Edinburgh, Scotland
    Mar 2024
  • Miami, Florida
    May 2024
  • Naples, Italy
    July 2024
Kettlebell Certification Locations

Additional locations may be booked by gyms that want to host the certification or other events. At least 3 months’ notice in advance is required. A host will have the opportunity to enroll one or more of their trainers for free, to discuss specifics, please email

Enrollment is online which will provide the student with all the material electronically. The student can then complete the online exams, assessments, learn, be coached, and choose to submit their final tests online or in person. In-person events will attract an additional $150.

In-person events are more suited for those who already have a base of kettlebell experience and knowledge to work with, as the online version provides a lot more time, freedom, and individual support.

Caveman Kettlebell Certified

Is This Only For Super Fit Athletes?

No, this is not only for super fit athletes, this is for anyone that puts in the time to learn the technique, lay the foundation, and build up step-by-step. All you need is grit and determination and the rest will follow.

You can be so fit and strong but if you’re lacking the technique you will not be able to complete these tests. Once you have the technique, you can do anything and the only thing that can stop you is mental toughness.

Master The Kettlebell Snatch L5

What’s Up With All The Different Levels?

The different levels are uniquely designed for different goals and to make education available to everyone. L1 is for anyone that just wants to receive the material and process that without having to complete exams and aren’t interested in a certificate.

L2 is where the student also completes exam questions and receives a certificate of participation but there are no requirements of any sort.

L3 and up is where the student works directly with an assessor/coach from Cavemantraining. Exams, assessments, and tests need to be successfully passed and completed before the students receive their certificate of certification.

L4 and up builds upon each previous level but has added tests and information that are specific to the level of trainer, teacher, coach, etc. L4 and up is only aimed at professionals, whereas the previous levels are also suitable for at-home users, crossfitters, and regular gym goers.

Master The Kettlebell Snatch is currently not providing CEUs but Cavemantraining as a recognized Approved Continuing Education Provider by the National Academy of Sports Medicine does have online courses available which do provide CEUs.

Opportunities at Cavemantraining

For opportunities to work with Cavemantraining please consult the following options:

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