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How To Travel/Fly With Your Kettlebell

If you’re like me, a holiday still includes working out, as it’s part of life and makes you feel better. Plus you don’t want to come back 2 or 3 weeks later and have lost everything you worked so hard for.

Here’s me on the beach in Greece Athens with my kettlebells, one of them has been all over the world.

Fly Cheap With a Kettlebell

A tip for everyone traveling, check out sports equipment (kb, tent, with your airline. I know Turkish Airways is one that for sure gives a huge discount and I’m sure a lot of others do as well. You pay something like $100 for 32 kilos. Whatever the price, it’s cheaper than paying for overweight luggage.

If I’m not traveling by plane, then underneath the car seats I will always have a set of kettlebells. When you put them under the seat, I recommend you wrap them in towels to prevent them from damaging or damaging the car.

When I hike with them, it’s either a farmer’s carry, racked carry, shoulder carry, or in the backpack with towels around it. My Instagram has plenty of photos over the years of my travels.

Kettlebells are a permanent part of my life, they go everywhere I go. I can’t recall a holiday where I did not have access to them or did not take them. The best moments in my life are with family and a kettlebell.

I remember going up the highest mountain in mainland Spain with my wife and we took a 16kg kettlebell plus all the gear for 3 days, and we did that in flip-flops. We were the only ones at the top of the mountain with a kettlebell, in flip-flops, and without pain in the feet. A big thanks to the person who gave us a piece of chocolate up there, we still remember you.

I have photos of us at the top, but instead, I like to show you what the fox did when we spent some time resting at an old ruin in the mountains.

I remember going down the Rio Chillar, past where everyone stops and returns. We spent several days there. We had our kettlebell, tent, other gear, and dog. It was awesome, we had to hoist the dog up with rope at some parts. Don’t worry, he gets treated like a king.

I have plenty of photos from that trip, but it’s much easier to post an old video when I took some people halfway. It got pretty interesting, as they thought I was lost and we had no water left. It was hot. Think Spain, middle of summer, top of the mountain. They were scared but they also said it was one of the best hikes of their lives.

I remember the last week before our son left us when he was 16. I wanted to do a 3-day family thing to bond, it turned into 1 day but it’s still memorable.

I remember dragging that 12 or 16kg to places no kettlebell has gone before and that’s what makes it special to me. The awkwardness, the uniqueness, the pain, the uncomfortableness, that’s what makes it all special. I certainly don’t remember the cozy time staying inside doing nothing that turned me into a better human.

Check out my older article about getting uncomfortable. We only got one life, and I guarantee that you want to make sure you challenge yourself, and your limits, both mentally and physically. Now, I’m not saying that you should do dangerous things, because that could get me in trouble. But I am saying that if I would die right now, I have no regrets. And I know if you live your life the same, you will leave this world much easier. And we all leave this world at some stage, it’s a given, accept it, and as long as you make the most of it you will be happy and appreciate what you’ve been given.

Is Working Out or Getting Strong Toxic?

There is nothing toxic about getting physically strong or mentally tough, it only becomes toxic when you think you’re better than others. And even some weak people think they’re better than others, so it’s not like that’s a character of only strong people. Don’t let the MSM fool you.

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