Steelsurfer Kettlebell Combo

This is the Steelsurfer Kettlebell Combo by Cavemantraining. A burpee, suitcase deadclean, and strict press in one awesome full-body kettlebell combo performed with two kettlebells.

This is not a beginners kettlebell combo and best performed with competition style kettlebells due to the wide base.

This kettlebell combo is great for strength (press) and power (clean). You can program it as an EMOM, work on cardio and program it for AMRAP or as a task FOR TIME.

Plenty of things that can be said about this combo, some quick main points are, keep the feet closer together than you normally would and make sure to implement a racking safety grip during the clean.


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Add an explosive triceps push-up to the burpee and you have Steelsurfer+, an explosive and dynamic kettlebell combo.


PS. The thumbnail features one of my favorite cars! We shot the photo on the highway to Atlanta.

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