Kettlebell Complex

Kettlebell Complex

Kettlebell complexes are plentiful at Cavemantraining. Over more than a decade of kettlebell workouts, we’ve designed some of the most well-known kettlebell complexes across the world. If you’re having a hard time finding a good resource for kettlebell complexes that you can complete with one or two kettlebells then look no further!

If you want answers to questions about the kettlebell complex then you’ve come to the right place, questions like:

If you’re looking for kettlebell complexes to include in your workouts or just want to watch a few kettlebell complex videos, then, again, you’ve come to the right place. Guaranteed that you will find some of the best ones here.


Do kettlebell complexes build muscles?

Yes, kettlebell complexes build muscle if that’s what they’ve been designed for. They will build muscle if you incorporate the complex in your training regularly and keep using them in such a way that is designed to increase muscle mass. There is not some magic complex that will build muscle for you if you just include it a few times in your training, it all comes down to where you want to build muscle, the weight, your condition, and the program you follow. What follows is a great complex that can help you build muscle. The main targets are the legs, back, and shoulders.


How do you program a kettlebell complex?

How you program a kettlebell complex will depend entirely on what the exercises and the goals are. A complex designed for cardiovascular endurance should be programmed for high-intensity intervals or long durations. For the intervals, you can program a heavier weight than you would for a longer duration. For power training, you would do intervals or short sets with plenty of rest and a heavier weight than you would use for cardio. There is so much more to be said here that an article like this really won’t do it any justice, which is exactly why I recommend you buy the book How to Program for Kettlebell Training as it dives deeper into goals and how to reach them, which is what you should program for—goals!

If these kettlebell complexes are becoming too complex for you (pun intended) then you should look at a more basic but super effective kettlebell split workout like Prometheus Phase II. Check out the promo video below.


Kettlebell Complex Videos

For those that came here for kettlebell complex videos, this is it. Be aware, that these do require that you know the fundamentals of kettlebell training.


The Asgard Strength Complex

This complex is a bit older than the ones that follow, but it’s such an effective classic that it will never go out of style. Check it out. This is a double kettlebell complex.


The Mjölnir—A Total Body Fat-Loss Kettlebell Complex

If you’ve read our other article about kettlebell complexes then you would know that it’s not often we do complexes with more than one rep per exercise but this is that exception. This complex is performed with two kettlebells.


POSEIDON GRIND—A kettlebell strength combo

This kettlebell complex is performed with a single kettlebell and is optimized for strength and hypertrophy when programmed correctly. This complex hits all those muscles. Many years ago it was taboo to curl with a kettlebell because it was not functional. Listen, I get it, I was there and misunderstood the message and yelled “curling is not functional”, but then I grew up and learned a whole lot more. Curling is functional and I’ll keep saying it till everyone includes kettlebell curling in their workouts.



Last but not least, I leave you with the RAMSAR. An awesome grind for strength.


Learn Kettlebell Complexes

Before you start tackling complexes you need to make sure that you have mastered the fundamentals of kettlebell training. You can become certified online with us or you can buy a video about the kettlebell training fundamentals. If you know that you have 100% mastered that which gives you the right to start with kettlebell complexes, then head on over and buy the book or book and video.


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