Best Kettlebell Certification

Best Kettlebell Certification

How to identify the best kettlebell certification online? What makes our online kettlebell certifications so special compared to others out there?

I’ll be comparing our high-quality certifications against the mainstream certifications out there, I’m talking about the ones that roll out trainers for money, the ones that get supported by the big popular fitness organizations.

I have personally witnessed trainers receiving their kettlebell certificate even though they demonstrated the most horrible technique, I’m talking about techniques that damaged them and are going to damage their clients. I have witnessed trainers receiving their kettlebell certificate because they simply participated in a kettlebell event, even though at that kettlebell event they only did one or two reps of the full snatch with a 24kg. The attitude that these organizations build and promote is that heavy weight is the way to go and everything else is for wimps and it’s ok to not be able to demonstrate sound form and technique while teaching others.

I have trialed online kettlebell certification where you pay $99, just run through 8 questions and receive a certificate afterward that says you can call yourself a kettlebell trainer all within a time-frame of 30 minutes. All of these courses and certifications sell way more than we do. But we will never ever sacrifice quality and safety for money.

I have seen trainers that simply don’t care about the kettlebell or technique, they just want the certificate but that is not going to happen here.

Students will not pass our certification unless they get it right. Students get the opportunity to question their coach on everything that is taught and they can interact with their coaches. All our students get access to written material, video material, online exams, and they’re tested on skills, and in some certifications, they need to pass a physical test as well. Our Master The Kettlebell Snatch is one such certification that has several different levels, and the top level is by far the World’s Toughest Kettlebell Snatch Test. But that doesn’t mean that many can’t do it, because of the intelligently designed progressional path, and completion time available, anyone that puts in the effort and seriously wants it can achieve it.

Worst Kettlebell Certification

How do you know if a kettlebell certification is bad?

• There is no skill assessment by a real person 
• The time to complete the whole course in is less than a couple of hours
• The money you spend wouldn't pay for 1 hour of a qualified kettlebell coaches’ time
• The study material is limited

Don’t be that person and make sure you get a real kettlebell certificate that you can be proud of and you know is not easy to get.

What is a KB Certification?

A Kettlebell (KB) Certification is the sum of studying kettlebell training content, learning, proving that you understand the material, and most of all demonstrating that you can execute what you have learned. A good certification consists of written study material, video study material and demonstrations, exams, practice activities, skill assessments, and potentially physical assessments depending on what the certification will be used for. But above all, it needs to involve human interaction with a qualified kettlebell coach.

A Certification is performed by a reputable organization in the field for which the person is wanting to become certified.

Master The Kettlebell Snatch L3 Certificate

What Kettlebell Certifications Are There?

Most mainstream fitness organizations will have one course that covers the most popular kettlebell exercises and that’s it.

There are some that focus on a certain set of strength exercises and that’s it. Some have really high standards and are definitely worth pursuing as long as you don’t get caught up in the “This is it, there is nothing else better”.

Here at Cavemantraining, we have spent over a decade creating some of the most specialized kettlebell certifications and they’re designed to build anyone from the ground up and then go into more advanced topics for many areas of kettlebell training, for example:

Is CEU Accredited The Same as Certified?

We have CEU-accredited courses but they do not provide certification. The institutions that issue CEUs want to promote their own certifications and therefore do not allow others to provide CEUs for a certification. When you take a CEU-accredited kettlebell course on our website it will not include any skill assessments or coaching time. You will receive everything that comes with a certification apart from anything that takes up the time of a kettlebell coach.

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