Learn how to kettlebell flow

8 Kettlebell Flows and Basic Instructions on How to Kettlebell Flow

 8 advanced kettlebell flows followed by several simple complexes and basic instructions on how you too can learn how to kettlebell flow. Note that before you start working with flows, you should make sure that you have mastered the fundamentals of kettlebell training.

Without further ado, here are 8 awesome kettlebell flows:

  1. The Atlanta Kettlebell Flow
  2. Fort Diemerdam Kettlebell Flow
  3. Fort Diemerdam II Kettlebell Flow
  4. Fort Uitkijk Kettlebell Flow
  5. Fort Abcoude Kettlebell Flow
  6. Fort Niewersluis Kettlebell Flow
  7. Fort Uitermeer Kettlebell Flow
  8. The DaVinci Kettlebell Flow

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1) The Atlanta Kettlebell Flow

For more details about the Atlanta Kettlebell Flow check this article here. The kettlebell exercises in this flow are: split stance row, clean, front press, negative side press, hang clean switch, and repeat on the other side. Both the row, which involves thoracic rotation, and the negative side press require progressions to avoid injury.


2) Fort Diemerdam Kettlebell Flow

This is a kettlebell flow where half of the flow is performed with a double hand. Again, I highly recommend safe progressions for overhead mobility for the American swing.


3) Fort Diemerdam II Kettlebell Flow

This is a kettlebell flow that features the kettlebell slasher and several other rotational exercises.


4) Fort Uitkijk Kettlebell Flow

This is a kettlebell flow that demonstrates you can incorporate bodyweight movements into your flows.


5) Fort Abcoude Kettlebell Flow


6) Fort Niewersluis Kettlebell Flow

This is a kettlebell flow that starts with a spiral pattern and then builds upon that.


7) Fort Uitermeer Kettlebell Flow

This kettlebell flow features some kettlebell juggling which demonstrates that you can string together basic and more advanced kettlebell exercises.


8) The DaVinci Kettlebell Flow

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Learn how to kettlebell flow

Flowing with the kettlebell looks awesome and also has many benefits other than just looking cool. Before you can flow you need to understand the basics of kettlebell training. The next step is to understand and master each individual kettlebell exercise. From there one extremely important exercise is learning how to seamlessly switch from one side to the other.

  1. Master the fundamentals of kettlebell training
  2. Understand all kettlebell grips
  3. Master the kettlebell clean and its variations
  4. Master all other kettlebell exercises
  5. Create complexes
  6. Progress to flows



How to kettlebell switch or alternate

Being able to seamlessly bring the kettlebell from one side to the other during flows is important and explained in the following video.


Basic and Intermediate Kettlebell Flows

A great way to get better at flows is through repetition of simple complexes that flow, like the swings into ribbons complex.

You then practice the second complex of swings into a goblet squat and once you feel comfortable with both you can combine the two into one flow and remove the repetition, i.e. only one repetition of each exercise flowing from one into the next.

If you want to get better at kettlebell training or have questions about kettlebell complexes or flows you can join our over 16,000 large kettlebell community on Facebook here, or follow the links below:

  1. Learn kettlebell clean variations in this online course (used in kettlebell flows)
  2. Learn the basics of kettlebell training online in this online course (important for kettlebell flows)
  3. Buy the kettlebell exercise encyclopedia and learn all kettlebell exercises
  4. Join our online kettlebell gym where you get personalized coaching and workouts each week
  5. Check out our kettlebell shop for more kettlebell education


Advanced Kettlebell Flow

The following video is that of an advanced kettlebell flow named LUKOVA. The flow features the following kettlebell exercises: open palm dead clean, waiters hang clean, pass-through switch clean, figure of eight, around the body, single-arm swing, 360 flip, half snatch, back to dead and repeat on the other side. More details here.

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