The Benefits of Kettlebell Flows

I’m here to tell you that kettlebell flows are not just to look cool or different, yes, they look cool and are different, but that is and should not be the main reason to get into kettlebell flows. Kettlebell flows are also not easy, so, if you don’t get them straight away, don’t fret, and certainly don’t dis them. Here are some of the benefits of kettlebell flows if you stick with it and don’t give up.



Kettlebell Flow Benefits

Following are some of the benefits you’ll receive from kettlebell flows:

  1. Full body workout
  2. A huge energy burn
  3. Increased coordination
  4. Improved mind-muscle connection
  5. Increased stability
  6. Improved mobility
  7. Strength gains
  8. Agility
  9. Creativity
  10. And more …

You’re moving an object through different planes while maintaining stability. Due to the moving object and different flowing positions, the focus changes quickly from one muscle group to the next.

After a kettlebell flow, you feel strong and mobile. A kettlebell flow gets your creative juices flowing. Flowing show you have control over your body and the kettlebell. Kettlebell flows are a great demonstration of athleticism.


Kettlebell flows still get a bad rep because they’re misunderstood. Spread the word and share. Buy the Kettlebell Exercise Encyclopedia and learn how to perform all kettlebell exercises. Also available on


What is the difference between kettlebell complex and kettlebell flow?

A kettlebell complex is a sequence of exercises that usually flow as well (between transitions) but can be repeated several times, for example, 3 snatch, 3 windmill, 3 TGU, 3 racked squats. A flow usually consists of exercises that flow from one into the other and consist just out of one repetition per exercise, for example, snatch into a windmill, into a TGU, into a racked squat, and can then be repeated on the same or other side.

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