Kettlebells A Story About Commitment And How Not To Fail

What’s the message?

The message in the video is, if you want to make a change, commit! To commit means to be prepared for anything that comes your way. To understand that obstacles will be thrown your way but you won’t let them stop you. But more importantly, you will start and complete whatever it is you committed to. Commit: To pledge, obligate, or devote one’s own self.

To commit, you need to put things on the line, it’s too damn easy to give up on anything that has nothing behind it. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, and some people have a very strong mind, they say they will do it and they will do it no matter what.

Training the mind is also part of kettlebell training, mental toughness is a big part of that, surviving 10 minutes of Kettlebell Sport long cycle is more a demonstration of the mind than the body.

In the video, Kettlebell Juggling is used as an example, but it could be anything, training for endurance, training for strength, for power, flexibility, etc. It all requires you to follow a progression, which simply can’t be skipped and requires commitment, persistence, and patience.


The moral of the story. You either have a strong mind, in which case you would not be in need of help, or you need to commit. When you commit, you need to do it in such a way that you would either lose a lot of money or disappoint a lot of people. No one wants to lose money or disappoint people. To commit, you need to know you really want that which you strive for. Anyone knows how much they want something, if you don’t want it that much or enough you are setting yourself up for failure.

Having nothing invested means you are safe to give up any time you want, any time it gets difficult, or any time you don’t feel up to it.


Some other things about life I like to share. I’m not your perfect six-pack Arnold Schwarzenegger but I’m also not extremely overweight. Let’s be honest, I could do a lot better, but currently, I’m maintaining a middle ground, I could come up with a lot of excuses like the things that happened since the start of 2020, but I’m stronger than that. I’ve made a choice to be where I currently am and nobody but myself is responsible for that. I too lose motivation sometimes, I also have been on the edge of the dark side, there are times when I look at my belly and say to myself “If I continue, this will get to a point where returning is going to be extremely hard”, these are the times that allow me to put myself in someone else’s shoes and see how easy it is to go past the point of hard return.

I know I live only one life and I want to experience the most of it, understand people the most, and I know the only way to do that is by being in their shoes. I’ve worked at the bottom, I’ve worked at the top, I owned many companies. I traveled the world, I’ve slept/lived in not-so-good places, I go where no one wants to go. One thing has stayed consistent, and that’s my health and fitness (a big part of that is the kettlebell), it’s been super after I gave up the nightlife, after I committed to being with my wife, after I committed to giving my son everything I know.

Finding boundaries. I want to thank my mother for doing what she had to do at a time in my youth where I was pushing boundaries and felt the consequences. I understand how a child has to learn, how a child will push and push until seeing there are serious consequences. I wasn’t an evil person, but I know that if I was not stopped I could have turned into one today. That day was the day I learned to take responsibility.

I know what addiction (alcohol/cigarettes/food/drugs/etc.) feels like, but most importantly, I know why it can control your life. My biological father was an alcoholic, a drug abuser, a violent man, and he killed himself. I don’t hold grudges on any of that as I know and understand what could lead to all of that, but I committed not to be the same.

My adopted father was recently killed by the system in the US. In a way, I feel like he is better of. In a way, I know he had enough, but I am having a hard time forgiving the system. Although I know that the system is a choice and if you believe in it and obey it, well…


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Commit: To pledge, obligate, or devote one’s own self.

PS. I want to thank the subject of my disappointment in the video, as without that I would not have put this message together which I hope might be helpful to a few.

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