Should you work out with a kettlebell every day?

Can You Work Out With Kettlebells Every Day?

The age-old and frequently asked question “Can you work out with kettlebells every day?” answered.

Can you walk every day? That will depend on the distance you walk, what weight you’re carrying, and how long you rest in between.

Can you sprint every day? That will depend on the intensity of your sprint and how many times a day.

Can you perform push-ups every day? That will depend on whether you gradually build it up.

Let’s take the kettlebell swing as an example. Can you do 100 swings a day? Yes, if the correct weight is used then anyone can, even if you had to split it up into 5 sets of 20 swings. Is it a smart thing to do just swings every day? Not unless you are targetting all other areas of your body with other work, but that’s a topic for another discussion.


In short, the answer to whether you can work out with kettlebells every day is yes, as long as you program appropriately, which entails:

  1. Correct progression
  2. Correct weight
  3. Correct exercises (targeting body parts or goals)
  4. Correct intensity
  5. Correct duration
  6. Correct recovery
  7. Correct rest
  8. Correct nutrition
  9. Correct sleep
  10. Correcting the program while listening to the body
  11. And the list goes on

So, the answer is yes if you do it right. How can you get it right? By learning to listen to your body and program appropriately, but most of all, leaving your ego at the door. The other option is to employ someone to do the programming for you, stay in close contact, and adjust accordingly.


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  1. Should You Train With A Kettlebell Every Day?
  2. Why Work Out Every Day With A Kettlebell?
  3. Progression
  4. Free Follow-Along Workout


Should You Train With A Kettlebell Every Day?

Kettlebell Workouts
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Should you train with a kettlebell every day? Yes.
Should you train intensively with kettlebell every day? No.

Should you create spend a lot of time on creating the perfect workout plan for yourself? Yes.

You can create a split program with a cardio day and one rest day. Mix in a lot of stretching and mobility between your sets.

You can create a program where you focus on goals like power, strength, stability, cardio, flexibility, endurance, etc.  One day you go heavy with a short session and heavy weight. The next day you focus on stretching and mobility with a light weight. The following day you focus on cardio. You follow up with another day to focus on stretching, movement, and mobility with a light weight. You might even make that two. You follow up a heavy slow and controlled long session. And you end with another two days of light work.

You can take one goal and focus on that. Mix up with days to focus on smashing your goals, light work for recovery, assistance exercises, and so on. In short, you can and should train every day in the right way. Don’t burn yourself out. Take the time to reach your goals. Don’t neglect your range of motion, stability, coordination, and other important aspects that on the surface don’t seem to be important for things like strength or hypertrophy (but are extremely important). CAVEMANROM exercises (see the playlist below) are well-suited for light kettlebell work on the days you want to focus on flexibility and mobility.

Should you always keep training every day? No! You need to take some time off, whether that is resting a body part or the full body. You need to take some time off, even from stretching, you’ll find that when you come back you will perform much better.

Work out with kettlebells
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Why Work Out Every Day With A Kettlebell?

You don’t have to work out with a kettlebell every day as long as you are moving and working on something that improves your body then you are doing the right thing. Movement is what your body needs to stay injury-free, to stay in shape, to stay healthy, and so much more. So, although I am talking about kettlebell training, it doesn’t mean it’s the only thing, and it’s the general message from the info that you should process and use.



Progression applies to many of the above-mentioned items, weight, exercises, intensity, duration, etc. But most of all, it starts with the fundamentals of kettlebell training. With incorrect form and technique, everyone will quickly come to a stage where progress will halt or even incur injury after which one has to start from scratch again.
Some free and paid resources for kettlebell fundamentals can be found on our website:

  1. Master Kettlebell Grips
  2. Master Kettlebell Racking
  3. Kettlebell Training Fundamentals
    1. Book
    2. Ebook
    3. Video
    4. Beginners course
    5. Basic online course
    6. Online certification

For those who like to receive coaching for the kettlebell exercises, receive a new online kettlebell workout to complete in their own time each week, and have access to over 150 kettlebell workouts to choose from in our library, there is the Caveman Inner Circle. Below is a sample of how we provide technique and break down each exercise, and there is also a sample follow-along workout.

A short clip taken from a much longer technique video.

Free Follow-Along Workout

The following is a full-length session with everything you need to complete the workout.

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