Are Publicly Available Free Kettlebell Workouts Bad? How To Program For Kettlebell Training?

If you just got your new kettlebell and are looking to dive headfirst into the world of kettlebell training, no doubt, you’ll look for kettlebell workouts online. And preferably free kettlebell workouts. Nothing wrong with that, or is there? Is it important to lay a foundation first? Is it important to understand programming to work toward goals? All these questions and more are answered in the video above.

If you are new kettlebell training you will probably have one or more of the following common kettlebell questions:

  • How to start with kettlebell training?
  • Is kettlebell training safe?
  • How to avoid injury with kettlebell training?
  • Where do I find free kettlebell workouts online?

How to start with kettlebell training?

Progression! Identify your goals. Start by planning your kettlebell training progression. Find out how to go from knowing absolutely nothing about kettlebell training to reaching your goals.


Is kettlebell training safe?

No training is safe when proper progression is skipped. No training is safe when the ego is not checked at the door. Invest time into learning how to train safely and effectively with the kettlebell and then it is safe.


How to avoid injury with kettlebell training?

Any form of training has common injuries associated with them, figure out what they are, and avoid them. Don’t make the same mistake most beginners make. Figure out how to prevent kettlebell training injuries.


Where do I find free kettlebell workouts online?

You can find many free kettlebell workouts online on YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Amazon, Facebook, and on our website. But, the best kettlebell workouts, without a doubt, are found in our private online group, the Caveman Inner Circle. Members of that group receive a new kettlebell workout each week, personalized coaching, form feedback, and have access to over 150 preprogrammed workouts that come with technique, programming, alternatives, and other videos.

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