RLC—the follow up to CLC—a Hardcore WOD

This is RLC, the follow up to CLC, both hardcore WODs.

These two can be done in the same week, with a day or two rest in between. This one has more rounds but has fewer reps than CLC (cycle long cycle). Still the same effect, cardio, resistance, cardio, resistance.

If you’re new to the kettlebell world, Long Cycle (LC) is clean and jerk. In this WOD we’re also adding some rowing. These two combined are a serious recipe for a killer workout.

This WOD consists of two tasks, your first task is:

  • Rower 12 cals
  • Two arms long cycle 6 reps

12 rounds

Rx for male is 2 x 16kg, and female is 2 x 12kg

Your second and final task is:

  • Rower 12 cals
  • One arm long cycle 6 reps

12 rounds

Rx for male is 1 x 24kg, and female is 1 x 16kg

No matter what your weight, or your time, post on our Facebook once you completed this workout! Join in, and share your results. If you missed the video at the top of the page, you can watch it here.

If you do not have a rower then you can replace the 12 cals with 8 alternating dead snatches at 16kg for male and 12kg for female.

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