THE BIG FOUR: Kettlebell Strength Workout

If you’re looking for a kettlebell strength workout where your muscles feel like they’re gonna pop at the end, this is it! Four simple but extremely effective kettlebell exercises: press, squat, pull, and push. The workout involves the following kettlebell strength exercises: double kettlebell strict press double kettlebell front squat double kettlebell bent over dead row […]

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Kettlebell Strength Complex

TITAN Kettlebell Strength Complex

This is Titan, a kettlebell strength complex by Cavemantraining. Double kettlebell Squat Deadcurl Rack Stand up Press Drop into rack Drop into hang Bent-over row Return to dead Repeat Check out the kettlebell exercise encyclopedia to learn all exercises or take one of our online kettlebell courses. This is a full-body strength complex that contains

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The Man of Steel Workout

This workout is to be performed super slow, as slow as possible with the heaviest weight possible, all while maintaining good form & technique during the full range of motion.   This is The Man of Steel Workout   The workout is as follows: Combo 1 Dead swing clean Squat Press Combo to be performed on

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Workout WOD ‘Deadgemite’

This awesome workout targets the whole body, is performed with an Olympic Barbell and two Kettlebells. The exercises hit your upper back, trapezius, rhomboids and deltoids, lets not forget the biceps, the core, erector spinae and then also just about everything in the lower-body, the gluteus maximus, hamstrings, quadriceps, as if that’s not enough, it

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