Fourforty WOD

This is Fourforty WOD. 3 tasks, 2 AMRAP, and 1 FOR TIME. Complete and post online. A video of the workout can be unlocked further below.


Your First Task

  • 4 squats
  • 4 crossfit burpees
  • 4 dead clean and press left
  • 4 dead clean and press right

8 minutes AMRAP
2 minutes rest


Your Second Task

  • 40 jump rope
  • 4 dead clean and squat left
  • 4 dead clean and squat right

8 minutes AMRAP
2 minutes rest


Your Third And Final Task

  • 40 squats
  • 40 alternating dead clean and press
  • 40 crossfit burpees



℞ weight

℞ for a male is 16kg/35.2lbs
℞ for a female is 12kg/26.4lbs


Watch the dead clean performed in slow-mo.


Movement standards:

  • The press is strict on the up-phase
  • Hips below knee line on the squat
  • Full rack and knee plus hip extension on the dead clean


Scoring: Athletes are scored over the two AMRAPs combined, and separately for the task FOR TIME. When posting, combine your rounds/reps for the first two tasks, and the time for the last task. Not sure how to score? Check out our how to score AMRAP workouts article.


Video of the workout

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