Drax The Chipper—AIW (another insane WOD)

Once in a while you need to do an insane WOD, this is it!

  • 100 Jumping Jacks
  • 050 Tricep Push-ups
  • 100 Hang Clean Jerks
  • 050 CrossFit Burpees
  • 100 Swings
  • 050 Squat Thrusters

450 reps in total FOR TIME!

Download Rx weights, movements standards, and more info on the workout further below.

Sweating + kettlebell


Task one and two are easy peasy, you’ll bash those out in no time. You’ll be nice and warm, you’ll pick up two heavy kettlebells, and then it hits you, the hang clean and jerk, one hundred of them beauties to be exact.

After that, CrossFit burpees are like recovery, well, it sort of feels like it now that you get to put those heavy purple bastards down for a bit.

Then it’s time to really punish those glutes and hammies with double kettlebell swings, and follow up with some seriously hated squat thrusters. Lucky that’s only fifty. Then you’re done. You’re done… Bloody oath, well-done mate! If you completed this, whether it took you just one hour, two, or three, you completed it, and that is an awesome achievement. Post here, tag @Cavemantraining on Facebook or Instagram.




Awesome Beasts: Hang Clean & Jerk

Let’s talk a bit more about the hang clean and jerk, these are just really going to F you up (in an extremely good way). The movement is fantastic, it feels so good, you rack the bells, then you drop them straight down into a hang, then you explosively clean them, generate enough power to make them float at the point where you can open up, insert your hands, and make them land softly. Rack them properly, knee-jerk, dip under, come up, catch, rack, and REPEAT!


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