Bison Workout – Extreme Core Workout

It might not look like it, but this workout taxes the core muscles tremendously, from every angle! The workout consists of 4 exercises all which are to be performed slow and controlled with two kettlebells of submax weight, each exercise is to be performed 5 times for 7 rounds.


  1. Overhead squat deadlift 5L / 5R
  2. Twist pull-under deadlift 5L / 5R
  3. Bent-over hybrid rows 5
  4. Tricep press 5


The first two exercises might be new to you, so take your time to get acquainted with them. Yes they could be “Injury waiting to happen” material if you’re unconditioned and attempt these! Just like you don’t just pick up a barbell and start lifting a couple of hundred kilo’s, just like you don’t just start running long distance, you don’t just pick up a kettlebell and perform this workout with submax weight if you’ve never done it before. Take it easy, take the first two out on a date, take them to dinner, get to know them better, get to know them well, then jump in the deep water and perform the workout.



With the overhead squat deadlift you get one kettlebell overhead any way you want, you lock it out and walk over to the other kettlebell which you then deadlift 5 times with a squat.

The twist pull-under is an exceptional beast, it’s an old style exercise previously known as the bent-press, except that there is no pressing and I added the deadlift. Get one kettlebell to racking position and pick the other kettlebell up for a hang position, pull the racked kettlebell behind you with your lats and pull yourself under the kettlebell while twisting your torso, try to refrain from pressing it, come under, brace your core even more at the lowest position to initiate the deadlift and repeat.

The next exercise I call hybrid rows, because the most common angles between the elbow and ribs are either 90 or 0 degrees, so in-between is hybrid (or 45, I like hybrid, sounds cooler), you deadlift the kettlebells up and then push the hips back to come into a hip hinge, you relax the forearms at all times and pull your elbows towards the ceiling, the kettlebells come back to a hanging position, this is not a dead row, thus keeping constant tension on the body.

The last exercise is a tricep press, you’re flat on the ground with two kettlebells placed perfectly in your hands, your elbows are touching your ribs, your hands remain above your elbows during the press, your goal is to get the bells up right above your shoulders and back down to starting position. If you do this right you’ll feel your triceps.



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