Kettlebell TERRAFLOW

The Kettlebell TERRAFLOW is a kettlebell flow designed by Cavemantraining and consists of the following kettlebell exercises:
  1. Swingclean (kettlebell clean)
  2. Lateral clean (kettlebell clean)
  3. Single-arm hip hinge swing (kettlebell swing)
  4. Bottoms-up horn grip clean (kettlebell clean)
  5. Slasher

Perform on both sides, switch sides by coming to the front after you perform the slasher, and drop the kettlebell for a backswing on the side you will be performing the flow on.

In the video, the flow is finished with a waiter’s clean and drop into dead snatch. To receive your certificate online for kettlebell cleans, please check out our course or book Master The Kettlebell Clean.


Kettlebell Flow Benefits

When doing something, you want to make sure there are benefits. The benefits of kettlebell flows are not just to look cool, although that is an awesome benefit. Some of the other important benefits are, but not limited to, increased:

  • Coordination
  • Flexibility
  • Cardio
  • Proprioception
  • Reaction/timing

And of course, once you are familiar with a flow, then you progress with the weight, so strength also becomes a benefit you’ll receive from kettlebell flows. As a matter of fact, having a weight move around you and you controlling it from all angles is super beneficial for strength and often overlooked when people train just press, pull, and lift in limited planes.



Weekly Kettlebell Workouts

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Kettlebell Fundamentals

To be able to flow, you need to learn the fundamentals and basics of kettlebell training first. A great place to start is on our website with our free PDFs Master Kettlebell Grips and Master Kettlebell Racking. Two so easily ignored aspects of kettlebell training but oh so important.


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Another great flow is the Kettlebell Warrior Flow, check it out.


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