Resistance Bands To Alleviate Jiu-Jitsu Back Pain

Resistance Bands To Alleviate Jiu-Jitsu Back Pain

I’ve struggled with back pain and Jiu-Jiu doesn’t help. This exercise has helped strengthen and stabilize my core and improve posture. Plus I feel it’s really helped my game immensely. Larry Diehl

Ok let’s take our core and shoulder work up a notch, I feel this has really helped my closed guard game. Your Obliques will love you too. The movement is self-explanatory. Just note that you want to watch your posture. Looking for a nice straight back with arms parallel to the floor throughout the movement. Like battle ropes, I don’t count reps, I look at time. Always trying to meet or exceed my last session.

??Our nature is to drop the arms and round our back. Remain conscious of our posture. Enjoy
@powerxcore_llc resistance bands.

Give it a go and let me know what you think.
Larry Diehl (a member of our Facebook group)

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