Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA

MBG Kettlebell Combo

This kettlebell combo has been named MBG after one of our Caveman Inner Circle members, Matthew Brandon Garner. The combo is a dead swing into triceps push-up. Although it can be performed with lightweight and a slower push-up, this combination is more suited to be performed with heavy weight and explosive. A great kettlebell combo

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Kettlebell bruising forearms — how to fix it?

Kettlebells For BJJ

When it comes to supplementing your BJJ with something else there is nothing better as kettlebells for BJJ if you ask me. Yoga is also great for BJJ, but if you want it all, cardio, flexibility, mobility, strength, endurance, well, then it’s definitely kettlebells for BJJ, no doubt about it. Crossfit is also great for BJJ,

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Thorax workout

Thorax Workout—Injury Proof Yourself

This kettlebell workout is unlike others posted, it’s a workout everyone needs to incorporate at least once a week. I’m talking MMA fighters, BJJ fighters, kettlebell enthusiasts, crossfitters, and fitness enthusiasts. Especially crossfitters! Why did I say especially crossfitters? In kettlebell training, MMA, and BJJ there is already rotation included, whether you get mangled by

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Gi BJJ Comp Training

Just spoke to a good buddy of mine who is entering a Gi BJJ comp after gaining some kilos, he asked what he could do with kettlebells to be more prepared for his upcoming match.   I asked what his weaknesses were. He said that last time his triceps completely gassed out. Thats got something

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