What is a Kettlebell EMOM Workout?

A kettlebell EMOM workout is a high-intensity interval training workout performed with a kettlebell. A workout where you aim to spike that heart rate up as fast as possible and as high as possible to then get some rest to lower it and go again for an x amount of rounds. The rounds are minutes. There is so much that can be said about interval training but I’ll just stick to a few basic points and will also include a few kettlebell EMOM workouts for you to complete.

  1. What is EMOM?
  2. Program EMOM Correctly
  3. Adjust EMOM Correctly
  4. Don’t Confuse EMOM With Circuit Training
  5. Variations Of EMOM
  6. Kettlebell EMOM Workouts
  7. Weekly Kettlebell Workouts


What is EMOM?

EMOM is an acronym for Every Minute On the Minute and is generally used for high-intensity interval training.


Program EMOM Correctly

Programming your interval training session is super important. You can program an EMOM for low intensity but it’s more suitable for high intensity. You can program interval training as high-intensity into low-intensity and that’s a perfectly valid form of interval training but it’s not what EMOM originally was designed for. The most effective way to program EMOM is to adjust the weight and reps for the athlete such that it takes them an x number of seconds to finish and then they have an x number of seconds left to rest. Program the full EMOM just long enough so that they can maintain that unless you want them to end to where it becomes harder and harder toward the end.


Adjust EMOM Correctly

Not everyone is at the same level, meaning that the weight and/or reps need to be adjusted based on their level. If someone completes the reps in 20 seconds and has 40 seconds to rest then they should be moving up in weight, assuming that their form and technique are 100% spot on. If someone does not complete the reps with sufficient rest at the start or can’t complete it at all within the minute then that person needs to go down in weight. If there is a pattern that no one can complete it then the reps are too high.


Don’t Confuse EMOM With Circuit Training

Don’t confuse EMOM with circuit training and program one exercise for one minute, another for the next minute, and so on, that’s circuit training.


Variations Of EMOM

You can also program E2MOM which means every 2 minutes on the minute. E3MOM, E4MOM, and so on. You can also program for every 90 seconds but then it’s not EMOM but still the same concept, i.e. interval training.


Kettlebell EMOM Workouts

As promised, here are some kettlebell EMOM workouts for you to complete. I do hope you’ll drop by in one of our many kettlebell communities and let us know what you thought of the workout and feel free to share with others.


1) EMOM Kettlebell Workout With Heavy Weight

This is an intense single kettlebell heavy workout. The video has all the information you need to understand the workout as the video length is 1 hour and 30 minutes. The video features technique, mistakes, warm-up, follow-along, and much more.


2) A Great Kettlebell Combo For EMOMs

The kettlebell combo is a double kettlebell dead start hip hinge snatch into a squat thruster. Depending on the weight, you can program this 3 to 5 reps per minute.


3) Another Double Kettlebell Combo For EMOMs

The combo is designed by Cavemantraining and is a Triceps Push-up into Suitcase Dead Clean and Strict Press. If you enjoy double or single kettlebell complexes, make sure to check out Kettlebell Complexes Made Simple featuring the world’s best kettlebell complexes in a book.


Weekly Kettlebell Workouts

We’ve been delivering weekly kettlebell workouts for over 2 years and to nearly 100 people each week now. There are over 150 kettlebell workouts in the library to which anyone can get access. The workouts range from interval training to strength, flexibility, endurance, and much more. Each week a new one is added. The workouts come with everything you need to understand, break it down, build it up, progress, and adjust. You can ask our world-renowned kettlebell trainers and coaches questions about the workouts and even get feedback on your form and technique. Come and join us today.


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